Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dead or Alive 5: Introducing Rig, Returning Bass and Delicious Christie

Rig is looking good regardless of what I think of his name. Finally great to see TKD being repped in DoA. Because this is DoA, expect it to be a mostly accurate portrayal of the fighting style. When I do think about it there aren't many TKD practitioners anyhow. You have Baek Doo San & Hworang from Tekken. Kinda sorta Hwang Seong-gyeong & Hong Yun-Seong from Soul Calibur. Kou Leifou from The Bouncer. It was supposed to be Ehrgeiz 2 by the by. Jhun Hoon, Chae Lim, Kim & May Lee Jinju from The King of Fighters. The sexy and deadly Juri Han from Street Fighter. Han Daehan from Ehrgeiz. Sarah Bryant from Virtua Fighter dabbles in it a bit. Vergard from Kakuto Chojin. And to complete my random humongous name drop is Hong Gilson from Fighting Layer. From these names, Rig is in some good company if you ask me. I'll be keeping an eye on him. Note: Will not drop Hitomi for him no matter how cool he looks and plays.

Christie is also in the trailer rocking a very short and sultry black dress. It really seems that only her, Helena and Lei Fang can really rock dresses in this series. Not that the rest of the girls can't it's just that Lei Fang has "DAT DRESS", you expect Helena to hold her own in the category and Christie just looks good in anything you put on her. And let us not forget Tina's overprotective father Bass Armstrong is back and he looks like he has been on the Atkins. I'm just happy he isn't looking like Big Boy after that surgery. Bass will never be as Godlike as he was in DoA 3 but he's been holding himself down since ++ and hasn't slowed down a bit. I don't expect anything less from one of the best big men in 3D Fighters. Shouts to BIG SEXXXY THE GIANT KILLER KEVIN NASH AKA SUPA SHREDDA!!!!

Game is still looking good other than the 4-Point Counter System (What I'm lazy and 3 was #FUCKAWESOME with that and Miss Hitomi!!!) and they just announced the Collector's Edition which looks be one if you're a DoA fan should be an easy choice to pick up. I'm about to pop off World 2 on SMB for Run Dat ReXXX!!! and that'll be up later today. Stay cool in this wild ass heat. Don't die on a nigga yet!!!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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