Wednesday, February 24, 2016

#TheCool: Here Comes the Return Revenge of the Money and the $hane-O-Shuffle!





Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets straight from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

Your choice will determine a man's fate. Life? Death? That's completely up to you.




Fire Emblem Fates is out in a hood near you in Birthright, Conquest and eBay LE way too expensive varieties!

DLC is March 10th.

The Mega Man Legacy Collection is available on things you might own in a physical variety. If you want some insight on what this collection provides then you want THIS.

The 25th is Battride War Genesis and to get you ready is a look at the riders from Wizard, Gaim, Drive and Kamen Rider Ghost.

This is over when NamcoBandai says so. Maxi Boost ON is coming to arcades on March 9th and with some overhauled Boost mechanics and new Gundams to fight with is the fight will never stop.

This week our Selection of Perfection is focused on the Power-Up Princess, Hitomi! Savor this! Know I am!

This trailer puts together all known qualities of Season 3 of Killer Instinct with the tease at the end sealing that deal. What happens next is anybody's guess. The streets are buzzing that the release of S3 will be on March 28th but no official word yet on this news.

One Piece: Burning Blood is May 31 and the game's story arc will be all about Marineford. A game changing arc to say the least and it seems just right for a fighting game setting as well.

In other news, if you have an iOS device go and pick up Deathsmiles for $FREE.99 HERE!

Speaking of the power of $FREE.99 is Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth has some mission packs to "expand your gameplay experience" on both PS4 & Vita. Get what you need below.

Mission Pack 1 (PS4 & Vita)

Mission Pack 2 (PS4 & Vita)

Mission Pack 3 (PS4 & Vita)

Mission Pack 4 (PS4 & Vita)



Pokemon Shuffle and some Tekken Revolution. There were some other things but those are project related so stay tuned for what that might be!

This happened...


I marked out! The crowd popped major! Now he's fighting Undertaker for control of Monday Night Raw at Wrestlemania in Hell in a Cell. I just wonder how insane the spot is going to be?

Sports. Entertainment.

Seriously though, good to see Shane back. He went off and did his thing and was very successful at it and now he's back in a major way. HERE COMES THE MONEY!


Speaking of such, if you have the WWE Network then check out The Edge & Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness. I just love anytime history is lampooned and this show does that for the history of the WWE and all that encompasses. Good stuff.

Shouts to the Usual Suspects doing what they always do and it'll always be appreciated around these parts!



New episode of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged!

Also a new episode of DBZ: Abridged as well!

The T7 Evo Champ takes on Murderface in this Dragunov vs Akuma exhibition and if how Akuma plays is any indication of the quality of Tekken vs Street Fighter then we're in for a treat whenever it drops.


Shouts to kinnikuchu who's been modding Budokai Tenkaichi 3/Sparking Meteor with all sorts of mods which you can check out HERE!

Lindbeck & Lee are back for Season 2 and the stakes even greater than the last! Will they survive this season? Tune in and find out!

Nothing stays secret forever!

The EJB menu in MK1, 2, 3 and UMK3 was officially discovered back in October and if there's an arcade port then this works on it from the reports.

Allegedly, the streets have known about this for a long time even before Boon said that there was something there that nobody knew about. This does make me wonder are there similar screens like this in other Midway arcade games of the time?

Shouts to YourMKArcadeSource for the vid.

If you want some in depth information about this discovery then check out the articles about each game (MK1, MKII, MK3 & UMK3) on The Cutting Room Floor!

One of the best themes ever! Shouts to Vinnie from Naughty By Nature for the one time!

So now that Shane's back is it's time to bring back Rodney, Pete Gas & Joey Abs...THE MEAN STREET POSSE! I loved these guys back in the day. They were the equivalent to Patterson & Brisco for Shane and the gimmick just worked. Here's hoping that Shane reunites the Posse once again and maybe we'll learn the truth of what happened to Willie Green and Billy P.


You've earned some June booty!

Thanks to Negrescore for said booty and if you wish for more then Pixiv@Negrescore0 on Twitter is how you get it!

I'm just going to go over here and play some Star Gladiator!

Also, catch Miss Lin Milliam in Project X Zone 2 in a hood near you now!

Oh this, just a reminder of where the hell I've been and where I'm planning on going. 7 years is a long ass time. Trust. I believed in what I did that day as strongly as I do now even though the goal's a bit different. I just want to share my knowledge with everybody else and give my little man a real shot so he doesn't have to do what daddy did which is the goal of any parent worth anything.

I'm an educator and archivist who is very entertaining but never an entertainer. I make sure to straddle that divide with care. Couldn't get scraps from your table so I built my own house and now my people stay full and warm! That's what it will always be. 7 years down and forever to go!

Thank You!

You know how it's done so tell everybody how we do it and be sure to bring them along for the next one!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

#TheCool: RWBY, Zyuohger, Gravity Falls & Street Fighter V! Oh My!





Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets straight from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

Metal Mendoza's ready to take over the world! Can a punch to the robot dome stop him? Tune in and find out on the latest episode of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject!

Got a chance to get back into Tekken Revolution and I did just that! Gotta get to Dem Mokujin's tho!

I said I'll see Street Fighter IV later the only way I knew how! A lot of truth being told here so if you're up for some real talk with Uncle Triple then be sure to join us in the circle for storytime!



You can cop Street Fighter V if you want now.

If you're curious about what it has to offer then THIS might help!

You're also free to pick up Project X Zone 2: Brave New World if you like. Don't forget to get the demo for some bonuses.

The Valentines Day costume set is now available for Last Round and everybody gets a costume.

As usual, I got your plug on what things look like so go ahead and browse and when you get done we'll explain damages for these items below.

If you wish to purchase some costumes then here's where you stand.

The individual costumes for the males & Alpha-152's costumes cost $1.99 each and the ladies $2.99 each for Costume Destructibility Tax!

The bundles with all 34 costumes for XBONE, PS4 & Steam will run you $23.99.

Note: The Steam version doesn't support Costume Destructibility so please keep that in mind as you purchase.

Happy Valentines Day!

You can find more information about this and other Last Round DLC HERE!

The 19th is Fire Emblem Fates and at this point it might be time to hack a New 3DS and import if with all these asinine changes being made during its localization. You had one job Nintendo of everywhere not Japan! ONE JOB!

Battride War Genesis drops on the 25th so while you wait please take a look at the Riders from W, OOO & Fourze!

March 4th brings the return of our glorious Twilight Princess, Midna in GLORIOUS HD SEXY TIME! There's also a wolf, Amiibos and the world falling apart because of the forces of light and darkness but Midna tho!

March 24th is the return to Zack Island so enjoy some quality time with Momiji in the meanwhile.

Don't forget for Nitroplus Blasterz that Heart & Homura are free on both PS3 & PS4 for a limited time! So be sure to pick up both characters while that price is $FREE.99!

There's also the Bikini Set for Sonico, Homura & Heart if you'd like for $5.99 for PS3 & PS4 as well.

Speaking of XSEED and $FREE.99 is the Earth Defense Force 4.1 — Mission Pack 2: Extreme Battle is that until the next PS Store update so pick it up HERE while you can!

For more information on this you want THIS!

Finally, Raven's in Guilty Gear proper! More information via Famitsu can be found by clicking the picture! LET'S GO!



Y'all learned about that earlier as far as gaming goes so expect more when more comes!

RWBY Season 3! This season has been a standout for many reasons and if you're lagging behind then you need to catch up ASAP! Where RWBY goes from here is anybody's guess but know it's Marcus Burnett Time and not a thing in RWBY is sacred or safe! You can watch Episode 12 HERE and catch up on the series if you need to HERE as well!

I'd like to thank 秋吉for this picture of of Ruby Rose and if you'd like more then check that website, Pixiv and @assfkrscc on Twitter!

RIP Monty Oum! Live on forever through your amazing creations!

Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger! I had my doubts about the premise but the show in one episode has won me over and I want more of this right now! This has the makings of a classic Sentai but it has to do work before such designations can be awarded. This'll be a fun watch, I can feel it!

I'd like to thank @tomotaros_sht on Twitter for this amazing Zyuohger art!

Speaking of Zyuohger art...

This is Sela AKA ZyuOh Blue! This is also the internet proving once again that it will internet if you let it! I have the feeling this won't be the last time there's featured art of Sela in her Zyuman form!

Thanks to 電気将軍 for this art and if you want more then hit up that website, Pixiv@denki_ on Twitter for more of such!

We said goodbye to summer and Gravity Falls along with it! Regardless of the rushed feel of the finale is that it served its purpose! I'll miss Dipper & Mabel along with all the denizens of Gravity Falls but I have a feeling we'll be seeing them again real soon! Thank You Alex Hirsch and everybody who had anything to do with this show's amazing amazingness!

Speaking of, the following art was provided by the legendary Paul Robertson who actually did some work on the show with the animation for Rumble McSkirmish & .GIFfany!

If you wish to check out more of his amazing work then be sure to hit up Tumblr and @probzz on Twitter as well!

The Usual Suspects are up to their usual things with FOX Sunday back in tow after all that football. Shouts to All-Star Weekend doing it big as usual! My boy Aaron Gordon got robbed in the Slam Dunk Contest and we said our farewells to Kobe too.



Bloopers for S1 of FF7:MA!

Shouts to SSFF for this one but I'll take it from here.

Dino Crisis 3 makes me sad for a bunch of reasons incuding the whole death of the series thing.

There's a game in there somewhere but you never see it because the camera sucks ass. Play it if you're curious but you've been warned!

Shouts to Slacktory for the throwback reminder that you just had to be there though! Memories to say the least!

Shouts to Kel & Mike O'Malley for the one time!

That'll be that!

Be sure if you haven't to check out both #PocketChange articles about Street Fighter V & The King of Fighters XIV for the latest information about both games!

More of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject coming at you later this week so be prepared for that as well!

As usual we thank you for riding with us and appreciate that you do every single time we do what we do!

Be ready to catch this train next time we're on the move!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

#TheCool: Last Ninja Evolution Day





Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets straight from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

A new episode of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject all about family reunions, ritual suicide, subways and the magic of futa girls!

Please join us and be sure to stay tuned for a new episode later this week!




In an arcade near you maybe is Ramza Beoulve from Tactics all in your Dissidia!

Speaking of arcades is JAEPO later this week and Tekken's all in front of it with a look at Akuma, Nina and the new Rage Attack mechanic. Fated Retribution looking better at every turn I do declare.

Out in your hood this week is Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 so be sure to pick up the "final installment of the series."

Also out for consumption is Arslan: The Warriors of Legend so be sure to check out the launch trailer and a look at Alfarid, Jaswant, Kishward, Hilmes & Zandeh.

The 16th is the V and with it the end of IV. Been a good run. Coming soon...????

The 19th is Fire Emblem Fates so soon it'll be time to choose a side or if you pre-ordered quick enough you can have it all on 1 3DS cart. Or be prepared to buy both versions separately and then wait for the DLC to release 3 weeks later. Whatever floats you.

The 25th is Battride War Genesis so with that in mind the riders representing Kabuto, Den-O, Kiva & Decade are here to show you what's really good!

This is a new look for Medarot in video game form in more ways than one. You'll learn everything on March 10th when Medarot: Girls Mission drops.

March 24th we head back to Zack Island. Check out Miss Helena Douglas who'll be there for some R&R too.

April 21st is Uppers and there's more than meets the upskirt here! So take a look at Max Gurenheart, Nagi Shiraishi, Shion Ukyo, Liu Wuchang, Kanamaru Hiroshi, Kujo Mukuro, Nicole & Tenmei Sanada and let them show you how they put this work in!

That same day we march back the battlefield of babes in Bullet Girls 2. More of the same and that's a good thing.

Don't forget that Heart & Homura are free on both PS3 & PS4 for a limited time. So be sure to pick up both characters

There's also the Bikini Set for Sonico, Homura & Heart if you'd like for $5.99 for PS3 & PS4 as well.


In other news, both Marvel Ultimate Alliance games are on sale for XBL Gold Members for $9.99 each until the 14th. The reason I bring this up is because the full slate of DLC is included and if you don't believe how much of a deal this is then look up how much the Gold Edition for Part 1 fetches secondhand. On top of that the DLC doesn't seem to be coming back for either game a la carte for Marvel reasons so this is a great pickup for anybody interested in some great games and you can play them on XBONE so bonus there.

Click the links below for what you need if you so should!

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2



I've been playing a bunch of Critical Blow & Slap Happy Rhythm Busters for reasons. Maybe some things get explained soon?

Another year of service is over because Ninninger has come to an end. The finale in all its parts didn't disappoint and I got out of it what I enjoy most from Sentai...the growth of individuals as part of a team. Everybody had their time to shine. Some more than others but everybody got time and a lot of Sentai don't do that well so I applaud Ninninger for doing so. We know there will be a Ninninger Returns coming soon so I can't wait to see what that has in store to bring this to a close for real.

Next up, we see if furries and Minecraft can actually work as a premise as Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohgher takes the reigns as the new heroes the world calls upon! Best of luck Beast Kings! More on that next time.

The Muppets are back after a hiatus and some changes on all sides of the show has it bringing it back a bit more of the old school with the show shifting the balance with more Muppets being Muppets and less of the more sitcom way it was doing things at first. I thought the show was fine as it was but those aren't my choices to make even though I'm feeling the new way things are done now. Watch the show if you haven't been.

I'll do the streets the favor and do what J did for me by putting you on HBO's Animals. I can't say too much about it but if you're looking for something fresh then give it a go.

The Usual Suspects are doing what they do but RWBY has been stepping things up this whole season and with the season finale this week is the question is "How much more dumb can the show go?" Watch Chapter 11 HERE!

By the way...




Rumblemania 2-4!

Botchamania 299!


Bailey & Sasha Banks take their rivalry to the next level!

Mike Z X Cerebella X Big Band? Who could get hurt from this?

This Ghostface/Shkreli beef is real though!

I will say for the record that Shkreli is the best real life super villain we've had in quite a while. Good for him.

No matter what a stripper tells you...

Let me repeat, No matter what a stripper tells you...

Shouts to the GED Class of 1999 for this throwback right here!

Sometimes the battle you have to win in order to have an opportunity to keep winning is the battle you have to concede defeat to! #ThankYouDanielBryan! Safe travels and thanks for the years of entertainment American Dragon!


As it is customary when the Sentai torch is passed to celebrate the year's triumph with some art of last year's team...SHURIKEN SENTAI NINNINGER!

Thanks to みっきー for this set featuring the whole Igasaki clan!

Of course best character Kasumi gets some special shine because she's Kasumi. HOLD DAT!

If you'd like more then please check out the artist's Pixiv!

Thanks to さとい for this awesome cast picture!

If more is what you seek then there's the artist's Pixiv and @satoi_shadow on Twitter for such!

As usual, we always appreciate you riding with us so be sure to be ready to ride the next time we leave the station!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

R.I.P Destin!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

#TheCool: Simply Phenomenal





Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets straight from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

The true menace is out there! What that menace happens to be is for you to find out as you watch this new episode of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject! Enjoy!

Before you board #TheCool don't forget that #DoaGHThaSHOP always has what the fiends need in stock and if you have a fiend to shop for I guarantee you'll find something for that special one right here and nowhere else!

In stock right now...

Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm, Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late[st], Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code & Project Justice!

#DoaGHThaSHOP has a fresh shipment of Centralfiction: Act 2 for you to fiend on!

And not to be forgotten is Blade Arcus from Shining also has been updated to reflect the home ports!

Please enjoy!





By the time you read this is Bayo & Corrin will be added to the roster bringing an end to the support for Smash 4. Rumors are that Smash NX is a thing but that is what it is until something concrete emerges. Enjoy the Baddest Bitch Witch and the King & Queen of Incest Conquest! Also with them comes the final set of Mii Fighters stuff so there's that too. You can get more information HERE!

For this you want the update to the KoF XIV #PocketChange article! Everything you need to know about this and then some!

In other news...Nina's in Tekken 7.

There's a port of Chaos Code: NESiCA coming to PS4 with everything the last one didn't. Allegedly. We'll see.

Kim Wu's in KI and so is somebody else. Who that somebody else happens to be is just "speculation" until confirmation.

Also, Season 3 is getting a major rebalance and if you want to know what's what then you need THIS.

#WaifuWarsUS is very, very offical with Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel already in a hood near you right now!

To celebrate a look at Muramasa, Saber, Ouka & Super Sonico and the opening movie too! I'll admit I'm a fan of the OP song Blaster by First Astronomical Velocity. Just saying!

By the way, similar to how the Japanese release worked is Heart & Homura are free on both PS3 & PS4 for a "limited time." The quotation marks are because there isn't a date but since they're $FREE.99 now is to snatch them ASAP!

Also if bikini's are your thing then for $5.99 on PS3 & PS4 you can get a set for Sonico, Homura & Heart if you'd like.

The only question is will the Marvelous color for the rest of cast come out as DLC later? IF there's an answer for that question I'll have it!

Enjoy your #WaifuWar!

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is also in a hood near you and if you want more Digimon games without importing future titles then you may want to pick this up. You can pick it up on PS4 & Vita digitally and you get most of the pre-order goodies except for the Agumon costumes. Enjoy the deep dive!

The 9th brings us the "end" of the Ulitmate Ninja Storm with Part 4 which is game 6 in the series. Numbers & Ninjas. Boruto coming soon.

The 16th brings us Street Fighter V. Should be interesting for me to watch the game go through its paces. Can't wait.

The 25th is all Battride War Genesis! So a look at riders representing Kuuga, Agito, Ryuki, Faiz & Hibiki is in order I think!

Let us welcome Chandelure to the Pokkén Tournament. Game drops everywhere on March 18th.

March 24th is Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 so take a second and get to know Marie Rose!

April 21st is all about Uppers and this game has my attention and from the looks of it may be coming our way. Hopefully news sooner rather than later but get those import dollars ready!

In the meantime take a look at how to play, the OP and a look at Ranma Kamishiro & Michiru Sakurai and Seiya Koyanagi & Junya Koyanagi!

April 28th is Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari SP which is celebrating its 30th anniversary and being beyond hyped for this isn't even the tip of the iceberg for how ready I am for this one! More of what I love and you can't ask for more than that! Hopefully this and whatever else is coming for the 30 year anniversary comes our way.

One Piece: Burning Blood is due over here on May 31st. Question is, will we get the bikini DLC like the JP version?

Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir is June 7th and to get you started on this journey to release is a peek at the English dub which sounds quite wonderful!



Played a bit of Tekken Revolution but I didn't record any. I'll get something out to the streets when the stars line up for it.

Lots more of the Usual Suspects are back with Vamps & Originals killing things...literally! Good to have them back in the rotation!

Dino Supercharge is right back to going dumb! Especially the part where Kendall looked like a complete badass doing work! Best character doing beast mode things...I LOVE IT!!!!! Now how long is it until there's an unexplained break between episodes? 5 episodes tops! Who got me on the bet?

In a random shot of random I heard through the grapevine about Star Darlings and on the random of randoms decided to take a look and it's surprisingly good. The plot and premise of it is enough for me to make an attempt to keep up with it so we'll see if I actually do such.

I forgot to mention that American Dad's back and still killing it because of the extra wiggle room for crazy that TBS allows the show. Now you know.



The road to #PAXAMANIA has begun with a trip to San Antonio and the first annual Southern Slam event!

Kate Welch, Mikey Newman, "The Trin Train" Trin Garritano, "The Conductor of Pain” Jenn Bane, "Dr. Arabia" Kris Straub, Amarisse Sullivan, “Published Author” Chris Watters, & Khalil White duked it out in the first King of the PAX Ring Tournament to call themselves #1 contender and the opportunity at PAXAMANIA II to challenge Um Jammer Sammy for the PAX Wrestling title!

If you wish is that below are some promos most of the combatants cut prior to the event.

A word from "The Count of Monte Fisto" Kate Welch!

During the event the Jeff Green Foundation was founded to immortalize the legends of PAX Wrestling starting with the namesake of the foundation...Mr. Jeff Green! He's totally fine just so you know!

If you happened to miss the event then Giant Bomb Unarchived has your hookup until the DVD release of the event later this year!

Thanks to @the_ozone for the Southern Slam picture!

For detailed results of the event and even more please visit the "UNOFFICIAL OFFICIAL" webpage of PAX Wrestling!

The folks at Split the Bill & Aaron Trites have released the full, uncut & uncensored version of the 2015 PAX Rumble with more Fog Machines than the commish could ever know what to do with!

Best wrestler in the world has the best theme in the world today! Simply Phenomenal!

Life is hard out here for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Shouts to Johnny Oldschool for the reminder!

New MES cart in the streets that's loaded with an awesome rendition of Sewer Surfin' from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time!

Do you wish to tell me that Vin Diesel has no street cred? This vid speaks differently on the subject.

New episode of RWBY's in the streets as well so get on that ASAP!


Before we part ways is I want the opportunity to highlight something that's taken the internet art world by storm...CAT LINGERIE!!!

This started some time ago on Tumblr with some ladies modeling this lingerie and artists started drawing characters in it. Fast forward to now and this is everywhere and while it's hot I might as well give it some shine!

I'd like to thank  がなり龍 for showcasing the best idol in the world Super Pochaco! Doing it for all the big girls out there! TDG love you!

If you'd like to see more art then hit up his Pixiv and @ganariryu1 on Twitter!

I'd like to thank マぐろ for Neko Baes Yang & Weiss because why not?!

If you like more then Pixiv @10Lavi on Twitter is where you'll find it!

I have no clue who this is but I had to feature it because do you see how cute the cat is though?!

Thanks to キュアリュータ for this one and for more then Pixiv or @cureryuta on Twitter is where you need to be!

Shouts to ninnzinn for some Shampoo because we can always use more of it!

If you want more then @ninnzinn015 on Twitter, Pixiv or his website is where you'll find more!

Shouts to tetsu for these pics of the canonical immigrant, our Eternal Ray...Ingrid!

You'll find more on tetsu's website, Pixiv & @tetsuharu0402 on Twitter!

Junko is best girl and if you ain't down then dismiss yourself immedately!

Shouts to すわきち for this look at the catalyst for how your boy discovered Danganronpa!

If more is what you seek then there's a website, Pixiv@oekaki_swa on Twitter is how you locate such things!

There's only one #1 and y'all know mine will always Felicia!

Thanks to Negrescore for this wonderful meta and if you wish for more then Pixiv@Negrescore0 on Twitter is how you get it!

As usual, we thank you for riding with us!

Your patronage is always appreciated!

New episode of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject is on the way with who know's what else in the cut!

We'll be back next time to do this again!

Be ready to ride!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G,O.D!