Wednesday, February 17, 2016

#TheCool: RWBY, Zyuohger, Gravity Falls & Street Fighter V! Oh My!





Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets straight from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

Metal Mendoza's ready to take over the world! Can a punch to the robot dome stop him? Tune in and find out on the latest episode of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject!

Got a chance to get back into Tekken Revolution and I did just that! Gotta get to Dem Mokujin's tho!

I said I'll see Street Fighter IV later the only way I knew how! A lot of truth being told here so if you're up for some real talk with Uncle Triple then be sure to join us in the circle for storytime!



You can cop Street Fighter V if you want now.

If you're curious about what it has to offer then THIS might help!

You're also free to pick up Project X Zone 2: Brave New World if you like. Don't forget to get the demo for some bonuses.

The Valentines Day costume set is now available for Last Round and everybody gets a costume.

As usual, I got your plug on what things look like so go ahead and browse and when you get done we'll explain damages for these items below.

If you wish to purchase some costumes then here's where you stand.

The individual costumes for the males & Alpha-152's costumes cost $1.99 each and the ladies $2.99 each for Costume Destructibility Tax!

The bundles with all 34 costumes for XBONE, PS4 & Steam will run you $23.99.

Note: The Steam version doesn't support Costume Destructibility so please keep that in mind as you purchase.

Happy Valentines Day!

You can find more information about this and other Last Round DLC HERE!

The 19th is Fire Emblem Fates and at this point it might be time to hack a New 3DS and import if with all these asinine changes being made during its localization. You had one job Nintendo of everywhere not Japan! ONE JOB!

Battride War Genesis drops on the 25th so while you wait please take a look at the Riders from W, OOO & Fourze!

March 4th brings the return of our glorious Twilight Princess, Midna in GLORIOUS HD SEXY TIME! There's also a wolf, Amiibos and the world falling apart because of the forces of light and darkness but Midna tho!

March 24th is the return to Zack Island so enjoy some quality time with Momiji in the meanwhile.

Don't forget for Nitroplus Blasterz that Heart & Homura are free on both PS3 & PS4 for a limited time! So be sure to pick up both characters while that price is $FREE.99!

There's also the Bikini Set for Sonico, Homura & Heart if you'd like for $5.99 for PS3 & PS4 as well.

Speaking of XSEED and $FREE.99 is the Earth Defense Force 4.1 — Mission Pack 2: Extreme Battle is that until the next PS Store update so pick it up HERE while you can!

For more information on this you want THIS!

Finally, Raven's in Guilty Gear proper! More information via Famitsu can be found by clicking the picture! LET'S GO!



Y'all learned about that earlier as far as gaming goes so expect more when more comes!

RWBY Season 3! This season has been a standout for many reasons and if you're lagging behind then you need to catch up ASAP! Where RWBY goes from here is anybody's guess but know it's Marcus Burnett Time and not a thing in RWBY is sacred or safe! You can watch Episode 12 HERE and catch up on the series if you need to HERE as well!

I'd like to thank 秋吉for this picture of of Ruby Rose and if you'd like more then check that website, Pixiv and @assfkrscc on Twitter!

RIP Monty Oum! Live on forever through your amazing creations!

Dobutsu Sentai Zyuohger! I had my doubts about the premise but the show in one episode has won me over and I want more of this right now! This has the makings of a classic Sentai but it has to do work before such designations can be awarded. This'll be a fun watch, I can feel it!

I'd like to thank @tomotaros_sht on Twitter for this amazing Zyuohger art!

Speaking of Zyuohger art...

This is Sela AKA ZyuOh Blue! This is also the internet proving once again that it will internet if you let it! I have the feeling this won't be the last time there's featured art of Sela in her Zyuman form!

Thanks to 電気将軍 for this art and if you want more then hit up that website, Pixiv@denki_ on Twitter for more of such!

We said goodbye to summer and Gravity Falls along with it! Regardless of the rushed feel of the finale is that it served its purpose! I'll miss Dipper & Mabel along with all the denizens of Gravity Falls but I have a feeling we'll be seeing them again real soon! Thank You Alex Hirsch and everybody who had anything to do with this show's amazing amazingness!

Speaking of, the following art was provided by the legendary Paul Robertson who actually did some work on the show with the animation for Rumble McSkirmish & .GIFfany!

If you wish to check out more of his amazing work then be sure to hit up Tumblr and @probzz on Twitter as well!

The Usual Suspects are up to their usual things with FOX Sunday back in tow after all that football. Shouts to All-Star Weekend doing it big as usual! My boy Aaron Gordon got robbed in the Slam Dunk Contest and we said our farewells to Kobe too.



Bloopers for S1 of FF7:MA!

Shouts to SSFF for this one but I'll take it from here.

Dino Crisis 3 makes me sad for a bunch of reasons incuding the whole death of the series thing.

There's a game in there somewhere but you never see it because the camera sucks ass. Play it if you're curious but you've been warned!

Shouts to Slacktory for the throwback reminder that you just had to be there though! Memories to say the least!

Shouts to Kel & Mike O'Malley for the one time!

That'll be that!

Be sure if you haven't to check out both #PocketChange articles about Street Fighter V & The King of Fighters XIV for the latest information about both games!

More of the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject coming at you later this week so be prepared for that as well!

As usual we thank you for riding with us and appreciate that you do every single time we do what we do!

Be ready to catch this train next time we're on the move!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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