Monday, October 26, 2015

#TheCool: Baeception: The Final Waifu-tier


Before we get to business there's something that needs to be addressed.

As they say, "When it rains, it pours." I haven't had the best week and what happened to #DoaGHThaDOJO on Sunday night was the cherry on this sundae. Thanks to somebody the gift shop will be closed until we get things sorted out. Until then you can read #DoaGHThaDOJO: Reckoning in the 1st Degree! for a nice history lesson as to the how and why the channel existed in the first place. Some of this is treaded history for those who know but a peek inside the other side never hurt though. What happens from here depends on a lot of factors and once the smoke clears is I'll have my answer one way or another. Regardless of such, thank you for your support. It is appreciated more than you know.

Regardless, there's a train that's waiting for you! I'd suggest catching it!



Dissidia's hitting arcades on November 26th which is the start of a long stretch of heat coming from Japan in various forms. The news you need to take from this is the character types and the newly announced Shiva summon. Other than such expect a whole lot of info about this game up to its release in arcades.

Shouts to AllGamesBeta for the scans which you can click on to see them at their full resolution.

I have no idea what this is possibly the start of but let it be the start of something. We've been missing out major on Kunio and the crew for a minute now and if this any chance for those 3DS games to get some love then bring it! From the website it would seem that the game is supporting most of the DLC that the original does. I'd bet money you won't see the Crows, Heavens Runner Akira or Super Sonico DLC at all and the Crows DLC has been long gone from the JP PSN Store. Please remember that your boy gave you the plug when it was available. I just want more Kunio and I'm glad that what happened to Million seems to be paying off. You'll be able to get your hands on River City Super Sports Challenge ~All Stars Special~ on October 28th. I'ma need y'all to support this one but only if you feel that Kunio should have more of a presence in your hood. Just saying.

Out in your hood right now is Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden! I plan to update the article about this subject once BandaiNamco quits the drip feed of codes or people suss it out. Whatever event transpires first.

Also in your hood right now is the Hatsune Miku DLC for Dancing All Night. Get your Vocaloid on!

Here's a look at Misty from Blade Arcus from Shining EX which drops on November 26th.

This week in Nitroplus Blasterz brings us a look at Ouka, Ilia & Super Sonico, Fuuri & Suzu as First Astronomical Velocity. Game drops on December 10th.

We're getting closer to the port of Fighting Climax Ignition on December 17th so here's another trailer.

Let us welcome Heine Westenfluss in the ZGMF-X2000 GOUF Ignited to Extreme VS Force which drops on December 23rd.

As we continue the Genei Ibun Roku♯FE Japanese Hype Train straight into December 26th let us take the time to get to know Mamori Minamoto & Dohga and Barry Goldman.

Just remember that Odin Sphere Leifthrasir drops on January 14 in Japan.

Coming soon to a hood near you is Arslan: The Warriors of Legend so for now get some story beats for Arslan and Daryun.

In other news, Koihime Enbu has been delayed once again to January 28th. Just thought you should know.



Both Blunt Talk & Survivor's Remorse ended their seasons and like I told you both shows are a must so no excuse for getting caught up now that both are over. Ready to see where these shows go from here. Thanks for the entertainment.

RWBY is going to be that crack! Yang is best girl and proceed to hold L's if you not down! This is going to get crazy with the quickness so even with this slow build to whatever's coming will be worth the wait. You can watch the 1st episode of Season 3 on Rooster Teeth. I'll have the YouTube video for this episode next week and a link to Episode 2 to compliment it.

After how crazy the end of Season 3 went was that TMNT Season 4 quickly put things in perspective and is ready to do what it does. This episode did 2 things that I appreciate very much and it just goes to show that the folks behind it aren't scared to deep dive into any and everything Turtles. This is going to be some goodness so get caught up if you haven't.

After a couple of weeks of whether I wanted to watch Valkyrie Drive live or a just a big marathon later was I just decided to dive in and if you decide you wish to join the rest of us then watch the show uncensored. Just do the shit. I just hope through the fanservice that the show can deliver a story that's worth investing in. Don't forget that Bhikkhuni drops December 10th on Vita and Uppers is coming soon too. Our Lord in Life & Hometown! May he be praised!

Hell in a Cell went dumb. Undertaker/Brock delivered and even Reigns/Wyatt did the same! Shouts to The New Day because they rock and John Cena's opponent for the US Title Open Challenge had me like WTF?! The only question I have is where does the end of the PPV set things? Can't wait to find out.

Next time, there will be thoughts on Supergirl if need be and Gravity Falls as Weirdmageddon begins.

As usual, we thank the Usual Suspects for doing that work that is always done! Your sacrifice is for my entertainment is appreciated!



Congrats to Kirbopher simply because you deserve it! You wanted to create something and you did. So we say goodbye for real to the Terrain of Magical Expertise with all these behind the scenes videos for all 16 episodes. If you haven't watched them originally then CLICK HERE and watch the series because you just should! Thank You for creating this world for all to enjoy and equal thanks to those who gave life to it in whatever way you did!

You call it a Death Battle. I call it a Bae Battle. Yang Xiao Long vs Tifa Lockheart! 2 baes enter! 1 bae leaves! What bae leaves? Other than the whole "bae" thing which I'm using ironically as fuck here is that this is special for another reason. RWBY x Dead Fantasy right now! RIP Monty Oum!

Zelda Maker. Not an original thing with Zelda Classic being around since the beginning of last forever but Zelda Maker by Dream Mix Games wants to make creating your own adventures as simple as possible which is something Zelda Classic lacks. If you want to play around with the Alpha Build then you can download it from MediaFire. If you wish to learn more about Zelda Classic you can do so on its website.

And now, How Two Men Destroyed Gaming: The Ryckoning Retrospective.

I do not see an issue with this at all.

Speaking of, be sure to get a double shot of the Disney Infinity Dopeman Johnny V with features on Giant Bomb Presents... and Episode 58 of GFB Radio.

Episode 5 of FF7 Machinabridged!

Botchamania 291!

The finale of Gemini Laser's Mega Man 7 walkthrough with some special tidbits of info for you.

I can never listen to this song the same way again. That's actually a good thing.

Part 2 of Kari Wahlgren on VO Buzz Weekly.

VO Actors Erica Lindbeck & Mela Lee have created a show affectionately called Lindbeck & Lee!

You may know and heard them from your favorite anime and video games.

Mela Lee is also the voice of Rin Tohsaka so now you know why I've taken a vested interest in this. Then I watched the episode and I want to watch more. Can't guarantee it'll do the same for you but give it a go anyway.

izumojin is back to work with another combo video all about Children of the Atom. What makes this a watch is these are combos from v1.00. The version proven to be too broken for nobody outside of Japan to see. Any version you may have ever played was based on some revision of v3.00 depending on what you were playing. So now you know that Children of the Atom was even dumber than what you may have saw or experienced.

That shall be that!

Thanks to Tovio Rogers for this Bae Battle between Streets of Rage's Blaze Fielding & Killer Instinct's Black Orchid! If you like to see more then feel free to seek it on Facebook@TovioR on Twitter & deviantArt as well!

As usual, we thank you for riding with us because your patronage is appreciated!

The train will be ready to what it when the time comes. Just be ready to ride when we roll out!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

#DoaGHThaDOJO: Reckoning in the 1st Degree!

#DoaGHThaDOJO as of Sunday evening was "Suspended due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy against spam, gaming, misleading content, or other Terms of Service violations" on a Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold video. YouTube thinks I'm trying to game the system somehow by my choice of not changing the title from its original source on Nico or my use of tags which include both the American and Japanese title of the game and its relation to Shin Megami Tensei which are tags that YouTube suggested I use in the first place. This wasn't an accident and somebody did this maliciously for whatever their reason was. The ironic thing about it is #DoaGHThaDOJO exists because the main channel was in limbo and I wanted to cover Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena when it came out in Japan in arcades. So how ironic how all that comes back around in this way.

I remember before my son was born how I wanted to take a humongous step back from all of this and put all my focus on him which I did for awhile but then I one day looked at him while he was sleeping and asked myself what kind of father do I want to be? What kind of example do I want to set for him? I can't tell him to follow his dreams and aspirations when I'm choosing not to do the same no matter the reason. There was also a part in that where I had to talk myself off a ledge about some work issues but I'll talk to him about that when he gets a bit older. Regardless of that is I got back to work when this video dropped as well as getting back to uploading match videos for not only that reason but also because there were games not getting the attention that they deserved and I wanted to even the playing field on that front by getting back to work and doing it like only I can. From this same realization the world soon learned a couple of lessons about Super Dragon Ball Z & Street Fighter EX! Those two articles are important to me because of the muse that inspired them and everything and everyone who took inspiration from them.

From that moment, time marched ever forward. The main page flourished and the backup page didn't and I have my regrets about what I could've done better on that front. Having this happen under these circumstances hurts something fierce. The streets know that #DoaGHThaDOJO was for the community and on top of that I enjoyed what I did and knowing that people were appreciative and more importantly learning from what they were seeing made the work I did worth the effort. I've given the history lesson before of where the game was when I picked up the ball back in '07-08 from the OG's in the community and reinvented how work's done. Not looking for a parade or anything but facts are facts. I was in the thick of it when it wasn't a popular thing to do and I did it because I wanted to give back to something that gave me so much and up until Sunday evening that was my reasoning.

I also understand that I'm not the only game in town but looking at who moves work at a major clip is I'm still standing after all these years. Whether they'll ever admit it or not is the 2nd Edition of the book that you get your style from is a book I penned from all the hard work, sacrifice and research that I paid a heavy price to construct so you to have a style to bite off of. All of that work was for a community I once believed in and considered myself a part of. That's far and away the case now. I did my best to carve out my own niche because that's what was best and I take the both the good and the bad from that choice I made. I understand that at some point my contemporaries passed me by because they evolved when I wanted to stick to my old ways instead of evolving with the changing times. Just because I look past you doesn't mean I don't notice you. I'd be a fool to see it any other way. It isn't only on this front where this has happened. All of my other works are relics compared to my other contemporaries as well and I'm confident in my own skin to admit as much. Admitting it is the first step to fixing the problem. Whether I ultimately do or don't is another conversation entirely.

I have no idea if this is the universe's way of telling me that it might be time to get out of the game or if this is a minor setback and I need to refocus my efforts into #DiaryofaGameWhore. #RunDatReXXX & #TripleDaGODExplainsItAll? #DoaGHThaDOJO was and is a passion project brought on because I enjoy sharing, educating and enlightening people. I want to keep doing it but maybe this situation is telling me that this isn't the way to do and if I do go back to it that I need to think long and hard how I want to continue to if I choose to. Thanks to this happening is I have a bit of time to consider my options and when the time comes I'll make the decision I feel is the best for me.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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#TheCool: Dekaranger or Alive Xtreme Perfect Emergency 3!


Before we get to business is a bit of self-promotion if I may!

Been a long, long minute since you've seen some TvC from over this way and we're glad to bring it to you! I've got some big plans to switch it up so no TvC, Castlevania Judgment or Smash for minute while we get some new games in the rotation I know the streets will appreciate. Be watching for it!

You know before this train leaves the station you must stop off at #DoaGHThaDOJO's to get your favorite fiend something they can appreciate! Available for you right now...

Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold, Power Instinct 5 & Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late[st]!

Got a special shipment of one of our favorites here in BattleFantasia!

Be sure to pick up BattleFantasia - Revised Edition on Steam if you haven't yet! This is a Public Service Announcement brought to you by #TeamGRF & People Like Us! Thank You!




February 25th! Zack Island 3: Sexy Xtreme Lesbian Revengeance Volleyball! IT'S COMING! We're not done with Sexy Xtreme Lesbian Revengeance quite yet in this installment. Prepare yourself for that!

Our Indivisible check in at this moment finds us about 25% to that $1.5 Million Goal with about a month to go. Be sure to watch all of the streams from the past week to learn more about the game. As a bonus, for the umpteenth time is Mike Z has to explain to people that game development isn't cheap or easy.

The wonderful folks from Lab Zero will be letting you in on everything Lab Zero Monday thru Thursday from 2PM to 5PM PST on the Lab Zero Twitch Stream so be sure to check it out if you're interested.

Don't forget, INSERT MONEY HERE!!! This as well is a Public Service Announcement brought to you by #TeamGRF & People Like Us! Thank You!

LOOKS LIKE WE'RE GETTING A BI-PEDAL ANIMAL FIGHTING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!! Congrats to Mane6 for hitting their goal!!!!!

If you wish to watch the streams from the past week with more inside info into Them's Fightin' Herds then you can do so. This however doesn't mean if you haven't donated that you can't. More $$$$$ = Better Game. Simple math for the simple mind. You can do such right HERE!

More Nitroplus Blasterz for DAT ASS! The main attractions here are the intro in which you need spot what's changed and a peek at Super Sonico in action. This also features Saber, Carol & Spica so please enjoy. Game drops December 10th.

In arcade update news is Ouka from OKSTYLE & Ilia from Tokyo Necro will be added to the arcade version this week so you know #DoaGHThaDOJO's on the case when the new hotness drops. Be watching for it.

I told you this was happening. You should've been more prepared for this. Now maybe prepare your wallets? Check out what this costume set has to offer you and we'll talk cash after you get a closer look.

The part that everybody love the most. The part when you exchange money for the goods in question. Let's talk cash!

An individual costume will run you $1.99 on all systems and for PS3, PS4 & XBONE the complete set for all 34 characters will run you $27.99.

In a stroke of something or just somebody possibly having a stroke is when it comes to this set on 360 it has been divided into 2 parts for whatever reason.

The DOA5LR Halloween Costume 2015 L Set contains costumes for Kasumi, Ayane, Nyotengu, Momiji, Rachel, Tina, La Mariposa, Mila, Pai, Hayate, Ryu Hayabusa, Raidou, Bass, Akira, Gen Fu, Eliot, and Brad Wong and will run you $14.99.

The DOA5LR Halloween Costume 2015 R Set contains costumes for Marie Rose, Honoka, Leifang, Hitomi, Kokoro, Phase 4, Helena, Christie, Sarah, Alpha‐152, Jann Lee, Ein, Zack, Rig, Jacky, Bayman, and Leon and is also $14.99.

If you wish to check out the art that inspired these costumes be sure to THIS for exactly that.


For all the Vita fam is Corpse Party Blood Drive is now in a hood near you! Just in time for the season.

As the Genei Ibun Roku♯FE hype train keeps on moving is we have some character features for Eleonora Yumizuru & Virion and Kiria Kurono and Sallya/Tharja! December 26th!

If you were looking to get some story bits for Velvet & Oswald from Odin Sphere then I think these vids fit the bill.

This week in Criminal Girls 2 brings us the way to her dark heart if you know what I mean.



YES! YES! SO! MUCH! YES!!! Dekaranger 10 Years After exceeded my expectations in ways I never thought it couldn't! It was just great to see my favorite Sentai back together again and not missing a note! A must if you've watched Dekaranger already but use this as an excuse to watch it if you haven't yet. The folks over at Over-Time are your hookup for subs should you need them. I want more of this with Dekaranger and hopefully Gekiranger & Go-Onger are following really soon.

Girl Meets Texas 2 took Girl Meets World to a place it needed to go for the sake of the characters and the story. Where the events leave the status quo after this is in complete disarray and there shouldn't be a quick fix for it either. What's supposed to happen will and it'll be interesting to see how they get it there in a way that makes sense for the characters and the story surrounding it.

I also got a chance to get in the lab with NeoGeo Battle Coliseum and I came out with a dirty lab coat and equally dirty tech that I shall keep close to the chest for now. It was just a good time just playing some NGBC for the sake thereof.

Thanks as always to The Usual Suspects holding it down and making the sacrifice they do for the entertainment I love! Special shout out to the Robot Chicken/DC Comics Special 3 because it delivered just like the last 2 did!



New episode of Porkchop & Flatscreen!

New episode of Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged!

In related news, a new episode of FF7 Machinabriged is available on right now!

Part 1 of Kari Wahlgren on VO Buzz Weekly!

Shouts to EOLE for this Tekkaman Blade combo vid that may have had something to do with me keeping the TvC Championship Belt on the latest episode of #TheBattleChronicles! You can check the source from Nico HERE!

That shall be that for now!

As usual, we thank you for taking this trip into #LastWeekRightNow with us! Much appreciated!

Y'all know the drill so prepare yourself!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015



Before we depart some self-promotion if I may!

Castlevania Judgment is back for another go around and with Robeness247 the newly crowned champion is my goal is to get the title back with some Shanoa doing what Shanoa does best! With the newly christened OC Do Not Steal, Clash Maximus in the hunt as well will a new champion be crowned when we go to war?! Tune in and find out!

JOTKING & I are back once again and this time with a guide to this year's Fall TV selection! We take a look at the landscape and see what's what and what's worth watching! We'll have something to follow this up during the winter when shows go on hiatus!

Be sure to stop off at #DoaGHThaDOJO's to get your favorite fiend something they can appreciate! Available for you right now...

The Rumble Fish 2, Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code, Koihime Enbu, Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm, Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator & The King of Fighters XI!

There just happened to be a stock of En Eins Perfektwelt & Aquapazza Aquaplus Dream Match that was hidden away and here it is for you! Enjoy!




The universe didn't want Ono to have fun with this one because the news of Laura and how Ono could've trolled the world was foiled at every turn. Regardless of such, welcome Laura Matsuda to the world of Street Fighter! Something, something Sean's older sister.

Welcome to Indivisible! A new RPG brought to you by all the folks that gave this world Skullgirls! The game looks amazing and you should definitely consider putting a drop into the bucket to support this vision of creativity! If you wish to do then you can do so HERE! If however my words aren't convicing enough then give the Backer Demo a try and make your decisions after you play it. They're about 20% on the way to meeting their goal which will then activate funding from 505 Games to make the game even better. Best of the best to Lab Zero as they embark on this journey!

In other crowdfunding news, Them's Fightin' Herds is about 75% of the way there with a bit more of a week to go and here's hoping they make their funding goal! In the meanwhile, they did another stream where they answered more questions and the Holy Mother herself answered some lore questions as well. If you wish to learn more and hopefully donate to this campaign then you can do so HERE!

Another day, more Project X Zone 2 news!

There were a bunch of new characters announced so feel free to see who's who and what's new! Join me down yonder for even more news!

What's interesting about Ingrid is according to her official bio it states her game of origin as Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX/Double Upper instead of Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution or as it is from the reality where I exist, Capcom Fighting All-Stars. I guess Capcom wants to forget both of those games. Not while I'm around!

T-elos was a part of a Pair Unit with KOS-MOS in the previous game. No word if she'll shift sides as many rival units tend to do in these games.

Tarosuke was a playable unit in Namco X Capcom where he was paired with Kagekiyo from Genpei Toumaden.

There's a playable demo in Japan to get ready for the release of the game on November 12th. It seems there will be a reason to play the demo multiple times for rewards you can carry into the full game. When the US will be getting this demo is unknown but I'll have the news when it becomes available.

Out in your hood right now is Transformers: Devastation! If you're a fan of either Transformers, the way Platinum Games does work or the wonderful combination of both then this is a must get!

With December 10th fast approaching is here's the OP for the console version of Nitroplus Blasterz and your first look at Super Sonico gameplay as well!

Also XSEED is teasing a couple announcements this week so maybe one of those is the release date for the game in America. Stay tuned for more information as I get it.

Here's a look at Tatsuya Shiba from Fighting Climax Ignition. Game drops on December 17th in Japan!

If you were wondering when you could get you hands on Extreme VS Force then the answer is December 23rd! The thing I'm unsure about it is does the Asian version share the same release date? Usually they do but some confirmation would be nice.

Genei Ibun Roku #FE drops on December 26 in Japan and to start the hype train moving is a look at Itsuki & Tsubasa.

If what you're seeking is a look at Cornelius and Mercedes from Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir then do I have the videos for you. Game drops in Japan on January 4th!

We now know when Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 drops...February 9th! Mark it on your calendars.



I don't pay attention to the various Comic-Con's outside of San Diego or Daygo if that's how you do but the Unbreakable NYC delivered a bit of news that appeals to me! RWBY'S BACK ON OCTOBER 24TH! BODY! READY! LEZZGO!

It'll be a bit weird to see this move forward without Monty Oum but the show must go on and from the small tidbit they showed the show hasn't lost a step and that's what I love to see! Can't wait to see what Season 3 has in store for us!

Got a chance to watch Resurrection ‘F’ and it delivered as a Dragon Ball movie should. My understanding because I'm waiting for a dub of Super is the movies are being expanded upon in the show it'll be interesting to watch those events take place with some extra stuff later on.

Congratulations are in order to the Cutie Mark Crusaders who finally earned their Cutie Marks! I appreciate the way the show handled such an important event and how it works to a bigger whole without shaking the status quo of the show.

My thanks always to the Usual Suspects for holding it down like they always do! Their sacrifice for my entertainment is always noted and duly appreciated.



I have to shout out Patrick Klepek and Mario Maker Mornings! I look forward to new episodes just as I did when he was into The Binding of Issac & Spelunky. I just enjoy watching him figure things out. It is a way to learn a person's mind state and how they solve problems and he's great for that.

What was once something pure and wholesome has turned dark and sinister with Patrick wanting to best one "Dirty" Dan Ryckert as he creates Mario Maker levels from the hell inside his head and sometimes with help from Jeff Gerstmann, Drew Scanlon & the Giant Bomb Community.

Patrick is currently dealing with his latest monstrosity entitled "The Ryckoning" for a good cause! If you'd like to learn more about the events that led up to this and donate to whatever this has become then you can do so HERE!

Botchamania 289 & 290!

Final Fantasy 7 Machinabridged Episode 4!

DaveYard Shift and his Mariachi Mafia are getting into the Halloween spirit with their rendition Bloody Tears from Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest!

That shall be that!

Please enjoy some Laura because we're all enjoying Laura!

There was a movement for Laura stuff just as it was for Mika and it went in a very, very special direction really quickly but the direction it went into is something a bit beyond our scope. We could show you said direction but I value this blog in the state it finds itself currently in so you'll have to seek it out for yourself! May be worth the trip if that's how you get down!

Shouts to supahsayainsonic2 for this rendition of Laura. If you want more then there's his Tumblr, the "other" Tumblr, FurAffinity, Pixiv & deviantArt for that!

Thanks to GENZOMAN for this additional helping of this special Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu lesson! More like this is available via Tumblr, Facebook, LivestreamPixiv, deviantArt@MrGenzoman on Twitter!

As usual, we thank you for riding with us!

We appreciate this is how you get #LastWeekRightNow and we hope you continue to do so right here!

Y'all know what the business is and the train will be ready to do it again when its time do it again!

Be sure to join us then!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

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