Monday, October 5, 2015

#TheCool: Going Ghost From the Dead! Fall In Because Now the Real Fun Begins!


Before we depart be sure to stop off at #DoaGHThaDOJO's to get your favorite fiend something they can appreciate! Available for you right now...

Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition, The Rumble Fish 2, Blade Arcus from Shining, Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold, Arcana Heart 3 Love Max SIX STARS!!!!!!, Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator, Power Instinct 5. Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade, Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late[st], The King of Fighters XI, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code & Sengoku Basara X!




This was a thing that happened. There were things that happened surrounding this that put things into perspective that I will now put into perspective for you.

There is no such thing as a secret anymore. There is such a thing as being an attention whore for your own benefit. The key word in that sentence being own. This will be a thing now and forever more. History has dictated as such. Maybe who's coming after the initial roster gets officially announced may actually be a damn secret for a change. I highly fucking doubt it.

Welcome now, The Red Cyclone, Zangief to the battle that is Street Fighter V!

Mane6 had their first stream for Them's Fightin' Herds and its an interesting look at how far they've come since Fighting is Magic and how they're adapting from that into this. If after your viewing of this playlist you wish to contribute to their IndieGoGo then you can do that HERE! However, anybody reading this shouldn't have to because you already have given Mane6 your money and for that I thank you! If you haven't then shame on you. Correct yoself!

The Midnight Stage has appeared. In your hood right now is Persona 4: Dancing All Night!

There's new stuff for Smash including The Wind Waker Pirate Ship & new Super Mario Maker stage and some new Mii costumes as well if that's how you get down. For more info for what's what then click HERE for the information you seek.

By time you read this is Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax International Edition will be in a hood near you!

Coming soon to Maxi Boost is Zeheart Galette in the xvm-fzc Gundam Legilis.

After no ToQGer game last year is Ninninger is getting one and it looks really, really good. I shall keep eyes on it and report back what I find.

If your desire is to learn about Gwendolyn the heroine of Odin Sphere then I have a video just for you.

If the OP & some gameplay from ω Labyrinth is what you were looking for then look no further than right here.

Just a reminder that Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni drops on December 10th!

As we get set for the console release of Nitroplus Blasterz is look through this playlist for the assortment of Playable & Assist Characters to get a feel for what they do. If you look real closely is you'll get a peek at what's coming to this version the game which drops December 10th.

Coming to both the home and arcade versions of Fighting Climax Ignition is Kuroko Shirai as a playable character and Kazari Uiharu as an assist characters both representing A Certain Magical Index.

From my understanding is both of these characters will be available on the home version when the game drops but I have no clue the if or when these characters will be added to the arcade version. If past history tells anything is they'll be added a bit after the home version releases so be watching #DoaGHThaDOJO for that footage when it becomes available.

If you wish to learn more then you can check the article about it from Dengeki Online HERE.



I'm kind of perturbed that I didn't play something of note this week as I have the past couple but I had some stuff to do so I couldn't fit it in. I did acquire some tech for a future project or 2 so be watching for that when it drops.

Kamen Rider Ghost. A simple I'm feeling it should suffice here. As usual the promise via said premise seems good but its always the question of can it follow through on the promise of the presented premise? Be watching for the mid and finale recaps like always to see how it fares.

Rick and Morty has another season in the books and still one of the best shows on TV but we won't be seeing any for quite a while at least according to the episode. I'll be waiting for whenever it shall return to us.

Reign Season 2 delivered and I was glad to be able to get it in for preparation for Season 3. Shit be crazy as fuck!

Speaking of, The CW's lineup returns for me on Tuesday with The Flash and the I had no clue it was coming on this soon, iZombie! Wednesday with DAT A-ROW AKA Felicity Time with Felicity! Thursday with The Originals & The Vampire Diaries back to back as it always should've been and Fridays with Reign! All of this combined with what's already on deck and with Supergirl coming on the 26th is every night has goodness in some way and its been a long ass time since Fall TV has delivered the goods on this major of a scale! BRING! IT! ON!

In other news, I'm glad I waited for the rest of Vixen to release instead of watching it piecemeal. I enjoyed it and I can't wait to see how they integrate this into the universe proper.

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 2 AKA Return Enter of Michiru: The Best of the Outer Senshi! Have you noticed the best Senshi share the water thing? Just an observation is all. The Death Busters are coming which means a lot of things. More Chibi-Usa, more Hotaru, more of my favorite villain in Dr. Tomoe and just MORE SAILOR MOON! The when of the show is unknown at the moment but I can confirm that coming soon is #TripleDaGODExplainsItAll...Sailor Moon S because somebody needs to explain why Uranus is so broken to you. I'm more than qualified to do so and have always wanted to so I will. Be watching for that.

The Usual Suspects are doing what they do and they always have my thanks and admiration!



Do I need more TV to watch? No! Will I be watching Into the Badlands now that I'm aware of its existence? FUCK YES!

The Stop Skeletons From Fighting Collective gather once again to discuss Contra: Shattered Soldier.

The Senpai life is the most dangerous life! Thought you needed the reminder.

Perception is what it always is.

Shouts to some real OG's in Preppy & NKI for bringing us this throwback set from 2005 featuring Justin Wong & Mitsu.

This is historic because this is from that time where Justin was damn near untouchable in Marvel 2 and not to throw any shade to a legend in the game like Mitsu. One of the best Japan ever produced in a game that was largely dominated by the US and he's taking Justin to brink in this set. A must watch just for the historical reasons alone.

That shall be that!

As you exit the train please enjoy this take on Kamen Rider Ghost by スガーる! If you'd like to see more of his work then be sure to check out his Pixiv for just that!

We thank you for riding with us!

Appreciate that you do and be sure to join us on our next ride!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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