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#TheCool: In Steven's Universe, the Cult of Alleged Equality is in the Danger Zone!

#TheCool as usual is always proud to present to you the last 168 hours as they were seen by me! The only way you should ever see things after you've seen them yourself of course!

As usual #DoaGHThaDOJO's has the goodness on lockdown and ready to serve straight into your veins! On deck right now...

Blade Arcus from Shining, Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code, Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold, BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma, Guilty Gear Xrd, Power Instinct 5, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade, Arcana Heart 3 Love Max: SIX STARS!!!!!!, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax & The King of Fighters XI!

TvC is still on hiatus however please enjoy more Tōkidenshō Angel Eyes and a special hit of Breakers Revenge just because!

Fiends served! This Week In Everything please do your stuff!

A new Nintendo Direct for us! So what you got?

Mewtwo is hitting Smash on April 15th if you registered with Club Nintendo and on April 28th for everybody else!

In other Smash news...I GOT OTHER MY MAIN BACK! Lucas will be bringing the PK Pain sometime in June!

Coming soon as well are new DLC costumes for Mii Fighters featuring X & Proto Man and some stuff from Zelda as well. All of the individual pieces of the DLC are $0.75 per system or $1.15 for both WiiU & 3DS. You can get all the costumes in a bundle for $6 per system or $9.20 for both systems.

If you need more information about release dates or to check on how close Lucas is to being completed is you can go HERE for more info.

Also, Nintendo has opened the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot and you can allegedly vote for whomever you want but the impossible will be ignored so be sure to keep your votes realistic.

I've been thinking of voting for either Bayonetta because why in the hell not! Krystal because Krystal! Shantae because Shantae! Saki & Airan/Isa & Kachi as a duo or just one of those characters on their own because the world could use more Sin & Punishment. Was also thinking Ray Mk.II because it should've been a playable fighter a long time ago. I really want to vote for Mike & ST Falcon/Rola & ST Spika/Carol & ST Tornado but trying to figure out how that would work outside of a kickass Final Smash eludes even me. Dixie Kong too but I have a feeling she doesn't need my vote. I wish I could vote for Tharja but that's a wasted vote for all the wrong reasons. Thing is we all have plenty of time to figure it out. October 15th to be exact. So take some time to think it out because who you choose could soon be a part of history! Choose well! Cast your vote HERE!

Looks like we finally know what came of the Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem collaboration...Illusory Revelations #FE! To be honest it looks more like a Persona game than anything but the premise of a fantasy world side by side with a future metropolis looks like it can work. I'm totally down with whatever they do and I'll be keeping a close eye on this one. It'll be dropping in GLORIOUS NIPPON before the end of the year. What that means for everybody else is anybody's guess at the moment.

We learned a bit more about Fire Emblem if. It seems to be taking a hint from Pokémon in how the game is being structured. The game has 2 separate scenarios depending on what version you buy and then after that if you want the other side of the story is you can purchase the DLC for it. There's also a 3rd part to the puzzle which I assume bridges the two versions as well. I have no idea if this handling of the game will be the same when it hit MURICA but more Fire Emblem is more Fire Emblem so there!

If you peeped the JP side of the Nintendo Direct is the streets got the first real look at Dragon Ball Z: Super Extreme Butōden and man it looks so good! I just want to play this so here's hoping somebody gets to localizing this for us.

Also over that way was a new look at Dai Gyakuten Saiban as well. Game's looking good and I can't wait to get my hands on it when I get the chance.

And that was the wrap up of the latest Nintendo Direct! Now back to #TheCool already in progress!

Next week is KOMBAT TIME so for now enjoy a look at Jax & Jaqui Briggs, Goro and what exactly are they fighting for.

Rikku & friends are coming to the PSQUADRUPLE on May 12th.

Let us welcome Kanji to the P4D party!


If you pre-order Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi before May 24th is you get some special bonus weapons for Date, Yukimura, Mitsunari, and Ieyasu so if you're on the import train then be sure to hit up your import shop of choice before then! Sengoku Basara 4 Sumeragi will drop on July 23rd!

Just a PSA is that there are 3 pieces of free DLC for Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku: Soreyuke Daiundoukai All-Star Special which happen to crossover with other properties like Heavens Runner Akira, Crows & Super Sonico! This DLC is on a timer so be sure to pick it up ASAP so you have it. The Heavens Runner Akira DLC expires on March 18, 2016! The Crows DLC expires on May 31, 2015! The Super Sonico DLC expires on March 26, 2016! So be sure to pick it up before then. You can pick up the Heavens Runner Akira DLC HERE, the Crows DLC HERE & the Super Sonico DLC here!

As usual this has been a Public Service Announcement brought to you by #TeamGRF & People Like Us! Thank You!

What Did I Get Into This Week?

Not much gaming wise other than some bits of Pokémon Shuffle & Senran Kagura Burst on some down time.

Watching stuff however? Did a bunch of that!

A bit after last week's installment dropped was Drive vs Ninninger hit the streets and as the lead in to Super Hero Taisen GP is that it was more of a balance between that and a legitimate crossover. My only problems were not enough Ninninger interaction and no Kiriko doing the Ninninger dance. Missed opportunity there. Should be fun to put this all in perspective once the movie and the Kamen Rider 4 special hit the streets proper.

Archer has safely landed back in the Danger Zone and I'm so glad I decided to add it to the weekly usual suspects because it delivered the laughs from end to end. Go get some Archer in your life!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 5 is here and the 2 parter to kick us off didn't disappoint. Only question I have is how much of this season will follow the flow these episodes laid out. The show has been getting a foothold more into the balance between the plot and the slice of life episodes in recent seasons so it'll be interesting to see how they balance the two out this time around.

I had a DC Double Feature with Batman vs Robin and Justice League: Throne of Atlantis and they both delivered the goods. They both serve the purpose as their predecessors of being abridged versions of stories you should read when you get the chance.

GO AND WATCH STEVEN UNIVERSE!!!! I always meant to watch it but never had the time until I made time for it this weekend and I'm glad I did! This show is everything right and none of the wrong you'd think the show on the surface could make. Steven and the Crystal Gems are characters you become heavily invested very quickly. They become characters you laugh with when its funny, characters you also want to root for when things get crazy and these same characters go through the emotional ringer which will make you reflect inward when the show gets really deep when these heavy scenes show up. Before you know it you'll have a favorite Crystal Gem (Amethyst) and are even working on your own Gemsona (Still workshopping it). The only thing I'll let you know is that it takes a bit for the show to come together but once it does it doesn't stop. If you've been on the fence or haven't even considered taking a look then this is the time to do it. The downside is that this is still a cartoon on a kids network and scheduling is a pain so you have to do the legwork to keep up with the new episodes but based off what I've seen and what you will too is that its well worth the work!

Speaking of horrible scheduling choices for kid shows is Dino Charge is on hiatus until August/September or so I've heard. At least this nonsense is something I'm used to by now. 8 episodes in is Dino Charge is great for simply doing its own thing while working around the limited Sentai footage they've actually been using so far. The wait shall be long but grin and bear it I shall.

The usual suspects are doing their thing with Flash, Arrow & Sailor Moon Crystal going Beyond Thunderdome Nutzo because that's now nuts it got. The Originals is back this week with GOT HAM & The Vampire Diaries coming back the week after and it should be smooth sailing until the end of the season. At least I hope so.

I have to get ready to plan the summer marathons because I slacked hard on actually getting them in last year. I have a couple of shows I really want to get into and if they line up right then I'll be on them. You'll get the 411 as I knock them down.

Time to bring this one to a close! What I Watched This Week On The Internet, to the end we must go!

I actually watched this twice. Before & after 54 episodes of the show in question. Goes to show you how much of a difference context makes. Remember this for your own good. Be sure to follow the directions I left you earlier on the subject!

I now present to you Part 1 of this installment of "Google Delivers What You Ask It For!"

April Fools Day has come and gone but I will say if both of the following were real I purchase them with real money. Just saying!

A throwback classic! For some reason I can't find the rest of these. A reminder when this stuff used to matter. I hear they still do things like this but since I've fallen so far out of it I can neither confirm or deny that its actually true.

That shall be that for this installment!

I'd like to take the time to thank Bunny for this awesome Archer X MLP pic that's our cover for this week. Celestia as Mallory makes more sense than it ever should for any reason.

We say farewell to Archer and we'll be back in the Danger Zone in January so bring it on!

You can click the pic to be linked to where this picture came from and if you want to see more of Bunny's art then visit her deviantArt page!

Since this is a double sided cover this week is I'd also like to thank Gashi-Gashi for his awesome look at Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst AKA The Crystal Gems! If you want more than click the pic to be taken to its source and if you want to see more like this then feel free to take a look at Gashi-Gashi's deviantArt & Tumblr pages for more! 18+ for my own safety!

As usual, we thank you for stopping by and we'll be doing this again in about 168 hours time so be sure to join us then!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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