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#DiaryofaBlogWhoreReviewEdition X #TripleDaGODExplainsItAll Presents...HuniePop: Courting Metaphors 101

HuniePop, the Dating Simulator and Puzzle Game hybrid is finally out and after losing hours to it I can tell you that if this game hasn't ensnared you with its charms then its time to give it a chance and lose yourself inside its charms too. The thing that makes HuniePop work is that each side feeds the needs of the other and keeps the loop both entertaining and engaging that you want to stay in the loop as long as you can.

The Dating Simulator portion is awesome and its all thanks to awesome writing and voice acting. These 2 facets as well come together to keep this side of it entertaining and engaging and you'll find yourself sooner or later having a favorite girl or 8 that you want to interact with and want to get to know so much so that it does emulate the dating process with truth and accuracy from that nervous first meeting where you're trying to get to know the person until that point where you know everything about them from the inside out and Body & Soul as Anita Baker would put it.

Each of these girls has a voice and I'm not talking the VA either. Each one of them has a unique personality and don't fall into some cookie cutter output. These ladies have dreams, ambitions, responsibilities & fantasies and your mission is to get to intimately know each of those voices because that's the only way you'll succeed.

All of this feeds into the Puzzle Game portion because as you get to know her, wine her, dine her and show her you care is you'll be able to power up and take advantage of what she gives you in return to keep her happy while on dates. While playing Pazudussy as I like to call it and points for anybody who catches the double reference here is you have a point goal and your job is to meet that goal and keep her into you so that maybe one day you'll be able to share some "coffee" together if you're lucky at some point.

This simple but elegant cycle is HuniePop. The game does a wonderful job at explaining itself at mostly every turn except for some stuff you learn by just playing and teaching the player without them knowing they're learning and improving at the game is the best way to go about it. If you're a fan of either genre then HuniePop is a must play. Everything is on point. Wonderful and memorable writing which leads to the same for the characters which are wonderfully acted. An addicting puzzle game that feeds the dating sim loop. Complimented by awesome and beautiful sounding soundtrack and of course all the waifus you could ever want! I hope this isn't the last we see of the world of HuniePop and their inhabitants. We so shall see.

I know there's a Valentine's Day update and I hope it fixes some of the issues I have with the game like limited inventory space by using your apartment to store unused items and an alternative use for Hunie after maxing out your traits. Maybe being able to convert it into a small bit of cash to continually give you a reason to interact with the ladies. I'll be watching for that update and so should you.

So go and buy the game and you can do that through, or through Steam. Know that buying the game from either HuniePop or MangaGamer gets you both a DRM-free uncensored version and Steam Key so keep that in mind as you make your purchase. You can uncensor the Steam release as well and the patch and the information to use it can be found HERE.

All my regulars may be wondering why is #DoaGHRE is sharing the spotlight with #TripleDaGODExplainsItAll? Simple really. I've been playing this game for a nice while and when I get into something I always come out with the work to make your fun in HuniePop a lot more enjoyable for you and a hell of a lot more efficient as well. I'll be doing this with the help of some metaphors for life so come and let me explain the finer points of HuniePop so you can play the game efficiently. Like a bawse! Love you, Kyu!

I will say this because I'm me here. If you want the organic HuniePop experience without me supplying you with some hints to streamline the experience for you then bow out right here and now. I'd appreciate if you do if you're feeling that way because I'd never want to do that where the experience really feeds into the flow of your continued enjoyment of the game.

If you do find yourself in some trouble then come back to this article, scroll down a bit and see if anything here can help you out.

Thanks to everybody who worked on and donated money for this game to happen! You've done a great thing!

Of course you for reading and hopefully giving the game a chance! Go out there and enjoy some HuniePop!

Until next time!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

If we're going to do this the right way then lets start where it matters, the 8 ladies who's love you're going to be spending the next couple of hours puzzling down. The game starts with a chance meeting with Kyu who feels sorry for you that your love game is complete garbage and agrees to help you out. The most important thing to do in this game is to listen, read carefully and pay close attention to everything anybody says to you because all of it holds weight and has importance and meaning just like when you're getting to know somebody. Metaphor for Life #1! So how about I introduce to you the 8 ladies of HuniePop.

This is Beli Lapran. As beautiful as she is inside and out is that she doesn't have the self-confidence to truly be herself or see the awesome woman she could be if she just believed in what makes her so special and makes it such a honor and privilege to be in her presence. You want to be upfront & honest and show her how special she is so she knows it too. Stay to that and in no time you too will be screaming the praises of DOWNWARD FUCKING DOG!!!

This is Tiffany Maye. Your typical girl next door or it would seem that way at first glance. Her upbringing sucked so much so that she can't even stand to be around her mother which in turn drives her academic pursuits. Even through all of this her innocence is still pure and shines through in how she carries herself and you'll want to play heavily to this if you want her to be your personal cheerleader.

This is Aiko Yumi. She's more or less a wage slave as a professor at the university and she'd much rather be at the casino or having a drink to relax. Just know that Aiko gives the phrase "hot for teacher" some real meaning in all facets of the saying because of her high and incredible sex drive. Aiko also has a humorous side to her as well so be sure to keep her laughing and forgetting she has a class to teach later and you'll soon be her prized A+++ student in and out of class.

This is Kyanna Delrio. A hair stylist by day and a single mom 25/8/367. Because life is life is that the father of her child isn't in the picture at all is that this along with the responsibility of being a mom shapes her and all that she does and pursue. She does her best to keep in shape and all she really wants somebody who's honest, stable and maybe, just maybe ready to settle down. Make this approach knowing that who came before you did a number on her, do your best to not be THAT person and you'll hit it off with Kyanna just fine.

This is Audrey Belrose AKA The Founder & President of #TeamMegaBitch! To put this in a nice way is Audrey gives ZERO FUCKS about anything and everything other than Audrey Belrose, skipping class, getting drunk, getting high and partying no matter the time or place. Knowing this is important to your approach because being nice will get you walked all over. You've got to approach Audrey giving -∞ FUCKS because ZERO FUCKS is the language that Audrey is highly fluent in so do that and you'll be on her "good side" soon enough.

And shouts to Brittany Lauda for the one time! I remember hearing her first on Epic Cupcake Time and becoming a fan to and watching her come up and now her being leader of the #AudreyArmy! Much success to her in the future!

This is Lola Rembrite. Her occupation of being a Stewardess keeps her always on the go and always on a quest to be a better Lola now than she was a minute ago. This same drive keeps her highly competitive and she's always ready for the next challenge no matter what that is. To succeed at the challenge known as Lola Rembrite is you need to show her you have that same fire that fuels you to be a better you because without it you'll just crash and burn.

This is Nikki Ann-Marie. Nikki would much rather be at home snuggled up with an old-school classic video game than serving people at the cafe where she works as a barista. If Nikki's the game you're wishing to load up then you've got to understand is that you're going to have to put some game time in to  get her to see the horizons but with some fine tuned stratagems and a cheat code or two is you'll get Nikki to see that there may be a world outside the one she's created for herself that may be worth living in.

This is Jessie Maye. If the surname sounds familiar then it should because Jessie is Tiffany's mom. Because Jessie had Tiffany at a very young age and had to do whatever it took to pay the bills is that she missed out on the party years but she's more than making up for it now. This does put her at odds with Tiffany because of her choice of occupation and lifestyle but even given this is Jessie's a great person inside with well meaning intentions to be a great mother and person. Jessie is looking for her next meal and I'm not talking dinner here. She knows she has the body and skills to pay the bills and knowing that you'll be swayed by her looks, charms, sexual drive and prowess to be the one who'll gladly pay them. Because Jessie's been around the block a couple of times is that she's seen it, heard it and done it so her bullshit meter is in full working order so be sure to remember this in your approach.

These are the ladies of HuniePop. So now that you know them is you need to understand how dating works in this game.

From the outset an option you have is to ask for a date pretty much off the bat but because this game actually gets right the ritual of getting to know a person and it feeds to completing the game fully is you want to actually spend some time getting to know these girls before asking for a date and here's why. In most actual cases the initial meeting and first date is spending time to get to know each other and game gives you chance off the bat to ask these informative and important questions. As you progress on more dates she'll be asking more questions about your stances on topics important to her and information you should already know about her which means less chances to ask those important and informative questions.

So your first goal for all the girls is to make sure you ask these informative questions before the 2nd date because after that the game makes the assumption as somebody would in real life that these basic things are things you should know about her and she'll begin see if you've been paying attention to recall this knowledge and the opportunity to ask those questions diminish heavily over time the more dates you successfully complete. So spend some time getting to know her to know what you're getting into to even know if you want to get into it. Metaphor for Life #2!

I remember the first time my old man explained to me Metaphor for Life #3 that I'm about to share with you. When it comes to getting to know a person and being in any type of relationship is that it always costs something. Whether that's time, money or invested emotions is that it never ever comes free. This is very true in HuniePop because in order to succeed at the puzzle portion is you need to power up for it by not only getting to know the girls but buying her things she likes. The game does an awesome job of explaining how gifts work so you don't waste your money so you can get more Hunie which is the currency you earn by interacting with the ladies and lets you power up your multipliers for the puzzle portion.

Buying gifts feeds into this loop by not only increasing the amount of Hunie you receive for asking and successfully answering questions but food keeps her in the conversation. The drinks you can buy loosens her up and increases how much Hunie you can potentially earn from one of these exchanges. Also if you buy special items is that you'll be rewarded with Date Gifts that can be used to assist you in the puzzle game portion.

Food, like I said keeps her in the conversation because if her hunger meter is empty you can't interact with her unless you give her something to eat. Know this though, it costs 2 bars on the hunger meter to interact with her but only one bar to ask her on a date. You can take advantage of this by buying food for an odd amount and feed it to her so you can ask as many questions as possible before you ask her on the date to get the most Hunie for your time spent.

Drinks are key to acquiring Hunie at fast clip because of how you can combine this with maximizing how many questions you can ask in a given session by keeping her from not getting hungry which can turn into upgrading your traits very quickly and I'll get into more into that in a bit. The thing with drinks is that they can be only be consumed in the bar or club locations except for ladies with a high Alcohol Tolerance who will accept a drink anytime and anywhere. You may wish to begin your quest by focusing on a lady or ladies who meet this qualification and use the given information to make the game a bit easier for you later on.

Also by giving certain gifts is you'll receive additional hairstyles and more importantly Date Gifts that you can equip for the puzzle portion that have myriads of effects and when I explain the puzzle side of things is I'll fill you in on that side of the loop as well.

The other thing you should already be aware of that I'll remind you again once again of is that each of these 8 women are individuals and they have things that they have to do so while you're getting to know a girl is be aware of when she'll be available ahead of time so you're not wasting yours. Metaphor for Life #4!

A wonderful example is Tiffany who's all about school so there's no way you're catching her on a Tuesday night at the club because she's resting for school the next day, Another example is because Lola's a Stewardess is that she's out of town sometimes so you may run into that when she's on your current radar so if you're looking to seek her out and she's available then you might want to seek her out when that opportunity is available to you.

Or you would normally anyway. Another thing you can unlock which is vital for 100% are special occasion outfits for dates so what you need to keep track of is what type of date you've been on because for the Morning, Afternoon and because Evening & Night overlap is 2 possible places you could go and this also factors in the lady in question because some ladies flip flop what would constitute an evening and night date so making sure you aren't taking her on the same date more than once is key to being efficient in this part of the game.

That's the dating sim portion of the game. Just make sure to be an attentive reader and listener and the dating sim portion should be no sweat at all.

Now its time to Pazudussy! The puzzle game portion feeds back into the loop by awarding you cold hard cash for even attempting the puzzle but we're here to win her affection and a whole lot more which is what its all about.

As I told you earlier is that the key to successfully completing a date is to meet the affection score by the end of the 20 moves you're initially given. There are the 8 different tokens you'll see during this portion of the game and I'll use the following picture to describe them to you.

Beli has the Joy Token. Jessie with the Sexuality Token. Aiko with the Flirtation Token. Tiffany with the Passion Token. Nikki with the Sentiment Token. Lola with the Romance Token. Audrey with the Broken Heart Token and Kyanna with the Talent Token.

Each of the girls has a preferred and not so preferred token between Sexuality, Flirtation, Romance & Talent. The preferred token scores the most, the not so the least and the other two have a normal score output.

The Joy, Passion, Sentiment & Broken Heart Tokens each serve a special purpose to each dating puzzle you play. Joy grants you extra moves. Passion increases your multiplier. Sentiment allows you to give date gifts and Broken Heart tokens are bad news if you match them because it can set you back huge if you aren't careful.

As we talked about earlier is that with the use of Hunie that you can power up 8 different traits to increase how many points a potential match can earn before the Passion multiplier which comply to the 4 base tokens; Passion which increases how much your multiplier can be worth and Sensitivity which decreases how much total affection you lose if you happen to run into the misfortune of matching Broken Heart tokens on the board.

Sometimes during your puzzle dating pursuits you may run into Power Tokens. Power Tokens are created when matches with the 4 base tokens are made with the probability of one appearing increasing when 4 or 5-of-a-kind matches take place on the board. The Power Tokens are of course worth a lot more in a match so be sure to plan moves around creating and matching them.

The other 2 traits that I didn't mention earlier are all about the Power Token. Charisma multiplies how much a power token is worth in a match and Luck which increases the probability of it happening a lot more often when basic 3-of-a-kind matches are made versus 4-of-a-kind which happens a bit more often and 5-of-a-kind which guarantees one appearing no matter what level the trait is.

As you're matching away to get to that Affection score goal is that sometimes the board may not agree with your pursuit of happiness and this is where Sentiment Tokens and Date Gifts come into play heavily. In order to use Date Gifts is that you have to build up enough Sentiment which in this case allows you to gift the item and make use of its effects. Early on through the game you can get by a bit because the Affection score goal is low but with every date you go on is the Affection score steadily increases and at that point you'll really need a gameplan in order to have successful dates.

I'll always suggest an item that can quickly increase your sentiment early so you can use gifts, a flower that consumes a bunch of tokens that correspond to your date's most preferred token, ones that can either consume, count or change unused tokens to something you can take advantage of, those that have lasting effects for the whole date and those that will help you quickly reach your Affection score by either maxing out your Passion multiplier or by increasing your overall Affection score by a set amount for the token in question. A loadout like this will help when the score starts to get higher and higher so you increase the chances of a successful date.

You're free to experiment with what feels right and I had a nice loadout I could depend for most of the game before I needed to switch it up a bit because of the increasing Affection score but if you stick to the advice given you should be OK.

So now you actually have to do some matching now. So do that. It would be better if you had a plan of attack so let me help out a bit. Your early turns should be about building Sentiment & Passion so you can use Date Gifts and the matches you may be forced to make will be worth a lot more. The middle should be about increasing turns with Joy Tokens and if you set it up right is you should have all the sentiment you need to go for the win straight out with a big play match assisted by the right Date Gift loadout. With that you should meet your Affection score goals with no issues with a successful date under your belt.

Once you get 4 of these under your belt is the 5th successful date at night should end in "coffee" or what I've dubbed...SEX FRENZY! I've been playing too much Puyo Puyo Tetris Fever Mode recently which is where I came up with the name. Shouts to The Almighty ¡Bomba Gigante! for showing the game some love recently. 

Sex Frenzy is all about matching and doing it fast because as your matching the Pleasure Meter is always dropping so your goal is to keep those matches as quickly as you can. Don't worry though, you can't fail Sex Frenzy but it can be a bit frustrating to build to something huge and then watch it all waste away because you couldn't find that next match in time. 

So how do you overcome this? With Metaphor for Life #5! Remember, you've got to lick it, before you kick it! You've got to make it soft and wet before you stick it! In other words before you make your first move be sure to take care to become intimate with your puzzle board and plan a couple of moves ahead. You'll do the best by matching vertically closer to the bottom of board or "Go Downtown," "if you wheel" so cascade combos happen a lot more often. Apply these teachings to your real life lover to achieve similar results. A Triple Da G.O.D! guarantee!

Just so you know is that just like dating puzzles is that the Pleasure score increases each time you play Sex Frenzy so keep that fact in mind. Another tip is that you only need to clear Sex Frenzy once with each lady because you get nothing other than your own personal pleasure of hearing the waifu of your choice moan as you match pieces on a puzzle game board. My suggestion is take care of the all the ladies and if there's one you desire to play Sex Frenzy with repeatedly then seek her out after you handled the business at hand.

Here's a couple of other tips you may be able to make use of.

The auto-save kicks in when the time of day changes and after a date has finished. Find a way to take advantage of that.

Pausing the action during Sex Frenzy to save your combo is something you can also do.

One of the items you start the game with is the Tissue Box. At the moment nobody knows the use of item if there actually is one so be sure to move it out of your inventory and into your main item cache to free up an extra space in your inventory.

The Dirty Magazine you start with may have some use as well. See if you can figure out what use it holds and how you can turn even that into something even better than that.

On the 1st day there will always be a gift that is a Bag of Goldfish. Read the item description very carefully, follow the instructions and don't gift the item by accident either. The Bag of Goldfish is a rare item it would seem and in my playthrough I only saw the item twice so your mileage may vary on your encounters with it. So be careful with it.

This is all I have that I'm willing to share. There's a bit more to HuniePop then what I've gone over here but this should get you through the perils of puzzle simulator dating.

Hope this helps!

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