Monday, December 22, 2014

#TheCool: They Did The Thing & Damn Was That Thing Done!

#TheCool's here and we're ready to kick the holidays into full gear. However! before you go rushing into the cold is maybe you should bundle up with last week so you don't get sick out there! Seems like a plan to me!

As usual, #DoaGHThaDOJO always has that crack to keep the streets on fire and nothing has changed on that front! On deck right now...

Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe 2.0, Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes, Daraku Tenshi, BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma 2.0, Arcana Heart 3 Love Max SIX STARS!!!!!!, Blade Arcus from Shining & Koihime Embu!

Last week was also the return of some classics with The King of Fighters '98, Power Instinct 5 & The Rumble Fish 2!

On my watch the fiends stay warm and dosed up! This Week In Everything, please follow up on our continued humanitarian efforts!

Jump Festa 2015 has come and gone. What transpired? Let's take a look!

The impossible just became possible! J-Stars Victory VS+ is coming to MURICA BAYBEE! Where was this when I needed Jump Ultimate Stars, Battle Stadium D.O.N or Yu Yu Hakusho 120%? No matter. It's coming to PSTRIPLEQUADRUPLELIFE and I'm on it! I wonder if it'll have an AniSound Edition? That would mean SMILE BOMB IN ENGLISH!!!! YESSSSS!!!!! Shouts to Justin Cook!

Got a look at Eyes of Heaven and we know now that its more like J-Stars instead of the Storm games like the streets initially thought. ASB was a fine basis to me so they really didn't need to change anything. How this will end up is anybody's guess but my ascended vision is glued to this one!

You thought Naruto was over? WRONG! They're still milking DBZ so we're going to be seeing this cycle for a long time to come. Should be interesting to see what characters they add and the characters you know they have to add. I'll wait.

We finally get some headway into the why of Xenoverse. Still not sold on the battle system but I'll give it the once over though. This was the perfect chance to go back to the Burst Limit style though with Dimps working on this one. I still have the games in the series I enjoy so I'll revel in that for now.

One Piece is back in Pirate Warriors 3. Looks to be more of the same and that's a good thing.

There was also some new trailers for XV & Type-0 if you're interested in that.

Cyber Sleuth will be upon you soon and I'm still holding out hope for this, Re:Digitize & Adventure for the localization job.

Soul Calibur: Lost Swords, Sophitia & Miss Cassie would like to wish you a Happy Christmas and the hope you'll spend money in the game for outfits and myriads of other things that you may or may not need.

#TheHustle's open for business once again to put this work in so here's what you may want to spend some of your cash on this week!

A reminder that Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins has already been delisted on PSN and will soon be gone from XBLA as well on the 31st so if you haven't copped it yet and want to then get on that. If you need to know the actual reason you need to add this to your digital library then I can show you the light right HERE!

The Steam Holiday Sale which ends on January 2nd always has the deals and here's a couple of my favorites you might want to pick up.

Everything Skullgirls is 66% off so if you haven't picked it up yet or missed some of the free DLC then you might want to get on this. However, until Christmas at 12PM CST (adjust for your hood) is the Humble Store has the game for $3.74 which is 75% off the base game! So a good as time as any to get on one of the best fighters in the business today!

Freedom Planet is 50% off as well and I need not explain myself further than that! GET IT ASAP!

Everything Vanguard Princess is 50% off as well so you can pick up the game and all its DLC for what the game costs by itself. A great fighter worth your time and money so you support more games like it on Steam!

Shantae: Risky's Revenge Director's Cut is 50% off too and again no need to explain why you need to get this and this is also the reminder that Christmas Day is Happy Merry Shantae Day with Pirate's Curse hitting WiiU so give that a look as well!

Make sure to keep up on these games and others for further price drops during Daily Deals that happen every day just so you know!

Speaking of the eShop is Level-5's eShop offerings will be going on sale from December 25 to January 4 and here's the list of what costs what!

Inazuma Eleven - $9.99/€8.99
Aero Porter - $2.99/£2.69/€2.99
Crimson Shroud - $2.99/£2.69/€2.99
Liberation Maiden - $2.99/£2.69/€2.99
Attack of the Friday Monsters! - $2.99/£2.69/€2.99
Starship Damrey - $2.99/£2.69/€2.99
Bugs vs. Tanks! - $2.99/£2.69/€2.99
Weapon Shop de Omasse - $2.99/£2.69/€2.99

I'll be honest here. The only reason we're talking about this is because Liberation Maiden is on sale! That is a Suda51 joint so you know I'm on it! I've heard great things about the other games listed and I'll give them a once over and see if I wish to add any of the other games to my digital library.

The Life & Hometown trunk is open for business as well and we've got a bit for you even before Christmas! Chestnuts & Chimneys all day!

Shinovi Versus has the Merry Christmas outfit & the Santa Set with 22 costumes for your Sexy Ninja Reindeer Games! Best part, you can get both for the low, low price of $FREE.99! Enjoy!

Bon App├ętit is about bundling last week's goods in bundles for the best bang of the buck!

The Kitchen Treats Set includes all items from the Kitchen Mitts Set, Candy Party Set, Star Sugar Candy Set, Whipped Cream Set, Chikuwa & Narutomaki Set and Takoyaki for $5.99!

The Whipped Cream Set is a new set of costume items which include Whipped Cream, Whipped Cream (Pink) and Whipped Cream (Chocolate) for $0.49! As you may have already read is that this set is also a part of the Kitchen Treats Set as well.

The Two Costume Set includes all items from the Lunch Chef Set and Japanese Chef Set for $2.99!

#TheHustle is always proudly brought to you by Team GRF and People Like Us! Thank You!

What Did I Get Into This Week?

I played some Smash, King of Fighters XI, Def Jam: Fight for New York and a game I won't mention so I don't jinx that I'm back deep into it!

Really though, I'm trying to get back into having fun again! I've been taking dumb shit way too seriously recently and one of things I want to get back to is the purity of why I love games like I do and always have! I want this to feedback into things that should've been done months and years ago and I want to see how this ultimately progresses into something positive for me!

The Legend of Korrasami! I enjoyed every bit of the series but The Last Airbender is still the better of the two. One of the main reasons is because the show didn't get the same room to grow like TLA did and it ultimately hurt the final product by not letting the show be its best. The finale did what it did by giving closure but leaving it open to future adventures with Team Avatar and friends! Thanks, Bryke!

Since the usual suspects are on break or in the previous case over is I'm trying to take advantage of the down time by catching up on some shows and movies and here's where I am right now.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods was alright but the sequel looks to have some real promise. I love that Toriyama is really going the distance to make sure that GT is forgotten about or at least the missing time is filled in the way he wants it to be.

22 Jump Street was dumb in the way I love dumb shit! A must see in my opinion! Go watch it if you haven't!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was infinitely better than I expected to be. I enjoy that the movie canon is going to be its own thing similar what the current show is doing by taking what's there and making something original out of it in the process.

I started Shougeki Gouraigan and for 3 episodes is I'm down with the premise. This would've been a review of the show as whole but I ended up doing other things but by time we do this again I'll have some words but if your into some Toku and haven't watched it then give it a shot.

Shouts to Drive and the Secret Mission episodes. I enjoy these episodes and that they get a chance to explain backstory and tell side stories without disrupting or bogging the show down with it. Drive stays doing no wrong at the moment. Can't wait for Full Throttle to get the sub!

The end is nigh! What I Watched On The Internet This Week, DO THE THING!

Big Band is back for Episode 3!

New episode of TOME!

An episode of Did You Know Anime? featuring Joshua Seth who you may know as Tai Kamiya from Digimon. I'm glad to hear that he wants to come back to voice Tai for Adventure Tri and they should let him. Now somebody find Mark Gatha and tell him he is Domon Kashuu!

Shouts to izumojinX for this awesome combo video that covers the Vs. series before 3! Awesome work!

That shall be that!

Shouts to iahfy and I'd like to thank her for all her awesome art that I found when I discovered that Korrasami was a thing! Shame she's not drawing art like the above anymore but her art is awesome all the same and worth a look and just a click away if you click the picture which links to her Tumblr. If you like what what you see then be sure to show some love on her Patreon page so she can keep doing what she loves!

This Korrasami announcement is brought to you by #TeamKorrasami, iahfy, Team GRF and People Who Ship This Ship! Thank You!

Again, thanks Bryke for the many years of entertainment by sharing the Avatar universe with us and I hope we get more adventures in this universe really soon!

Happy Holidays from Me & Mine to You & Yours Part 1! Cherish these moments! Not because its the holidays but simply because every moment is precious!

We got one more of these in 2014 so come back so we can celebrate another year on the books!

Same #Korrasami time! Same #Korrasami channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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