Thursday, December 18, 2014

Marvel vs. Capcom: Origins: Final Delisting Ultimate Extreme Turbo Edition!

I would learn this information a bit after this week's installment of #TheCool came out! Usually I can slide info like this into #TheCool before people notice but maybe because of Pinkie's Sweater Boob Window & THUG LIFE memes taking over is I can't now so you get this instead.

The only honest reason you should pick this up regardless of its soon to be delisted status is because of Marvel Super Heroes. There isn't a perfect port of the game anywhere in existence and the Dreamcast version of MvC1 is a whole lot better than what's in the collection because of playable Onslaught and Cross Fever Mode.

According to the post Combofiend made on Capcom Unity is the versions on PSN in US & Europe will be gone on the 23rd & everywhere on XBLA on the 31st. Reminds me when the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC was delisted way back when. Note: The link for XBLA version is for the US store so you may need to adjust for your hood depending on the circumstances.

$15 to get in before its gone.

If you're on the XBL side of the fence is there might be a sale before the 31st so if you can wait it out until then that's what I'd suggest. This is based off what happened when the Marvel 3 stuff was delisted so you'll have to take it just at that assumption.

If you're on the PSN side of the fence then you have until the 23rd when the next PSN update happens and then you're out of luck forever.

This has been a Public Service Announcement brought to you by Team GRF and People Like Us! Thank You!

I'll see y'all next week on #TheCool!

Until then!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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