Monday, March 31, 2014

#TheCool: DON'T LOSE YOUR CLOTHES!!! Before The Crossover Is Done!

#TheCool's here ready to do the work you expect and deserve. Your week. My way. A thing since 2012. To PT we go and there's still no EX3 review. It's coming. It has to. I took notes and everything. I'm thinking of putting the notes up as blog posts similar to what I did for Sengoku Basara X. It won't happen until that review drops unless my mind changes on the subject but you never know. Stay tuned.

As usual #DoaGHThaDOJO is always providing crack to the masses and it'll never stop! On deck right now...

Guilty Gear Xrd, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade, Chaos Breaker, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code V1.07 & Daemon Bride Additional Gain!

And since it has been a minute since the last #SSMG is that I'm bringing some special goodness your way. Welcome Fighting Layer to the family. A game I've always wanted in the rotation but never had any footage to share but I do now. So enjoy!

Fiends supplied! Time for This Week In Gaming!

Hatsune Miku Project Diva F2nd dropping in MURICA seems like a good place to start this week. This does confirm SEGA understands the concept of getting this money. More of you should've bought Yakuza. For serious. Awaiting the Quick Look from Giant Bomb!

BlazBlue: Child Por...I mean Chrono Phantasma dropped last week. Over my head to be honest. I got to demo Queen Kokonoe last year. I know the whole world remembers that! On top of that I never started to play Continuum Shift (Vanilla or CSEX). So where the story happens to be is completely lost on me. This is important because it was Calamity Trigger's story that was so stand out and is still in my view the best fighter that dropped on a console in 2009. So I need to get back to that at some point. When? Who knows.

With Marie Rose dropping on consoles last week is that Kasumi Alpha Phase-4 has been added to the arcade version. When she'll be on the console is unknown but if she comes up in some arcade matches is that it'll be on #DoaGHThaDOJO. I will admit she does looks sick and her existence warranted to the cast. Just saying.

This week in Persona Q character trailers brings us Koromaru from Persona 3 & Kanji from Persona 4.

This week's upcoming Full Boost DLC features Marbet's Victory Gundam Hexa and Elle's RX-78 Mk-II. Will drop on Wednesday on PSN.

Fulgore will be joining the KI cast on April 9th with an Arcade Mode and some additional features as well. And with Double Helix leaving the project in the hands of Iron Galaxy it should be interesting how Round 2 ends up. Hoping for KI2. We'll see.

I finally beat Strider on NES. Can add that to hit list. I'm still planning a #GamingBucketList for it so be watching for that. Been playing Ace Attorney on the Wii as well in a when I feel like it fashion. Having a great time doing so too. I'm really hoping that AA Trilogy for 3DS comes out in MURICA as well. It won't happen. No reason to start getting hype for the possibility.

Kill la Kill. The end came and gone and all I'll say is this. I enjoyed the ride and if you haven't got on then do so. In this case less is more. Just watch it. Now awaiting the OVA. Ryuuko X Mako...OTP!!! If this aint the ship you're on then it's fuck your life! Battle lines drawn!

Dino Sentai Team Up Time featuring Go-Busters. This was an odd VS movie. Usually these things make an attempt to get some closure for the previous Sentai in some way. Go-Busters got this in an odd way but not in a way that really mattered for me as a fan. The focus was on the whole Kyoryuger/Abaranger/Zyuranger thing which it should've been and that part was pretty awesome. It'll be awhile before we get a VS movie with this kind of focus so VS movies of this type should go back to normal.

ToQger VS Gaim. Speaking of VS stuff is that the Super Hero Time VS this year was actually a TV special that serves as the prelude to the Kamen Rider Taisen movie. If anything it proves that these can work in this format and seems to be best for it. The format did wonders for the actual teamup and I hope that this becomes the norm from now on.

Pokemon Orgins. Yeah, I'm hella late. This is what I wished the anime was back in the day. Just so good. I hope that this isn't the end of Pokemon Orgins. I wish it was longer than 4 episodes. They could've done a full 26 and I would've watched every last one. Hell, I almost pulled out my Yellow to do work. Memories.

Everything else did work and we're approaching the ends of seasons and the beginnings of new ones. So I await these times to come so we can talk about them as we do always.

With that out of the way is time to bring it on home! What I Watched On YouTube This Week is on deck!

To be honest I had no idea where I was even going to talk about this but this seems as good as place as any to say the following. This trailer gave me some glimmer of hope that this won't suck. It may still suck but for now there's hope. And sometimes that's all you need.

Krispin Wah no Densetsu, I need y'all to laugh at this one. I did and it's time to start the healing process now.

Want to see one of gaming's hardest final bosses wield his power in real life then look no further.

Want the abridged version of the life and times of Jeff Gerstmann. This isn't that but it does the job.

#420NoScopes and your Friendship is Gic! GET EM!!

The best of both worlds. You'll see what I mean.

That'll be that.

I'm gonna miss Kill la Kill in my rotation. Like I said a great ride that you should be on. One of us! One of us!



And as always, Same #TheCool Time! Same #TheCool Channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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