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#TheCool: Celebrate The 3rd Birthday! Enter Decapre!

#TheCool's primed and ready for a Shamrock Shake/McGangBang combo on St. Patrick's Day! Luck of the Irish and all that! However this day serves a greater purpose for me as a person. It's my son's birthday today! Got something planned for him later this week. Just don't tell him. Its a surprise and all that. There will be fun involved. Lots of fun! That's what's daddies do!

Speaking of responsibilities is that PT is front and center and the review to end all reviews with #DoaGH's look at Street Fighter EX2 Plus. Just more of what you expect and my expectations of all of you that you watch it and want to learn and explore SF's best effort to date! EX3 and some bonus content will be up later this week so stay tuned for that.

And with responsibilities comes the forever mission to continue serving the masses all the fighting game crack you always fiend for. #DoaGHThaDOJO as usual has plenty for you and available for you right now...

Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code, Kinnikuman Muscle Gran Prix 2, Guilty Gear Xrd, Daemon Bride Additional Gain, Samurai Spirits 64, Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late, Arcana Heart 3: LOVE MAX!!!!! & Street Fighter EX2 Plus!

Plenty here and always updating. Staying tuned to the channel would be a smart decision. With that, This Week In Gaming!

The sights have been set on Final Round 17 to finally get the answer as to who's USF4's 5th character. After all the clues and a Top 16 that made me drowsy and just plain bored out of my mind is a trailer started to play. There's was my girl Rainbow Mika who was knocked out by Bison and the the same fate fell Retsu as well. And then all 12 Dolls appeared and it could've been any one of them. But one teleported and it was confirmed that Decapre is the 5th character. The thing was that the internet hasn't taken it well or not mature enough but this the #FGC here so asking for a bit of maturity is asking a whole lot. The point is this. Decapre seems cool for what they had to work with and her being mostly Juni, a bit of Juli and some original OC Do Not Steal stuff to boot. What was seen at Final Round is always subject to change so it should be interesting to see how she evolves as a character and how hard the nerfs hit once somebody complains about it. All this announcement does is confirm I'll be playing Ultra for 2 more minutes before I never play it again.

Speaking of clones, DoA's continuing their clone fun by introducing Kasumi Alpha Phase 4. Very simiar but different enough to warrant the character. Just like Marie Rose before her is she'll be in the arcade version 1st and be added to the console versions later on.

Less clones and still on fighting games is that Hilda-hime will soon be a part of the Lost Swords roster. No specifics when she'll join the cast or even when the game is out in places not Japan. When I know then so will you.

The opening of Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax and a bunch of exhibition matches as well to celebrate the game's release tomorrow. #DoaGHThaDOJO will be covering this game as soon as footage starts dropping.

Speaking of what's dropping this week is Final Fantasy X-2 HD. Been waiting for this forever and it's about damn time for me to experience International + Last Mission the way I've always wanted to. HYPE!!!

This week in Extreme VS DLC brings us Iino Abbav's Zaku Zeta Gundam, Poe Aijee's Sumo & Andrew Waltfield's Gaia Gundam. It'll be up Wednesday on PSN.

This week in Profound Happiness is some character feature trailers starring Shimazu Yoshiro & Tokugawa Ieyasu.

J Stars Victory VS comes out Thursday but for now enjoy these character features starring Gintoki Sakata, Ichigo Kurosaki, Tatsumi Oga and Baby Beel & Tsunayoshi Sawada and Reborn.

While I was getting this installment out a trailer for the "reboot" of Gauntlet dropped with the promise that more games from the WB/Midway library could be on the way. I would've been good with them slapping some HD Sexy on Legends & Dark Legacy but this game looks to try to do better than those. Honestly all I just want The Grid HD & Shaolin Monks HD! Time to start the blood sacrifice!

Of course it wouldn't be a TWIG segment without getting hyped for the Pantsu Hunt. More Moero Chronicle because I know you need it! Enjoy,

I haven't got into much of anything gaming wise that wasn't EX3 in which I finally figured out something that I've always had questions about so I'll be sharing that with you and more when the review dropped later this week. There was also some TvC involved and you'll see the fruits of that later this week as well. And the Decapre announcement made me go find the Street Fighter Alpha Collection to research some information remind me not only how much Hyper SFA is an awesome accomplishment but how I need to get a copy of Fighters Generation because its the better version of said collection.

Before we get into what I endulged in this week via TV amd reading is that what you see is the first picture of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon CRYSTAL! Looks like the show will be following the footsteps of other shows that make the comeback by being more faithful to the manga. How close and what twists on it are unknown but it'll be great to see this version of it in July. HYPED?!!! YOU DAMN STRAIGHT!!!! #TeamAmiAllDay

Banshee. Season 2 finished up and while I didn't talk about it much outside of letting you know of its existence is that I for one enjoyed the season and the finale lived up to the hype and the only real issue I have to deal with is waiting a whole year to get more. If aren't familiar then this is a good as time as any to do so. Some of the best action and drama on TV to date. Just that good.

Speaking of drama, why didn't somebody tell me Dallas has been on for a month now. You know I quickly got to the marathon and damn is it going total nutzo. Things have happened in the 1st 3 episodes this season that have easily blown not only me away but have changed how I look at the characters involved. I kind of have a feeling where this'll end up by time I write the postmortem in a bit but damn am I going to have an awesome ride getting there.

Shouts to Final Round 17 bringing the tension with all that Tekken & UMVC3 hype. Makes me wonder why I don't make more time to watch tourney streams? Maybe this changes that.

Of course the usual suspects are doing work. And I want to take the time and say thanks for entertaining me. I appreciate it. Everything's still on 11 and if I let you know a show's hot then take it under heavy advisement to add it to your list. Revolution, The Originals, Kill la Kill, House of Lies, Space Dandy, Gaim, ToQger & My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic did work this week. The rest didn't have new episodes but will this week coming. I'll talk about them when the time comes. The same for those 2 mangss I read when I know I need to get back to Freezing & Highschool DxD. I will. I will.

Now time for the finale! What I Watched On YouTube This Week!

I've heard about this video but could never find it until now. The best recap of Spelunkin' With Scoops you'll find. Easy!

Some folks are trying to do the Streets of Rage live action movie subtitled Redemption. It seems to be an adaptation of the SoR3 storyline with some small twists. I'll give it a watch when it drops.

Watching the trailer for Redemption lead me down a crazy road starting with another take at a SoR movie. Still a classic.

As the path continued to wind is that I remembered somebody mashed up SoR & The Protector with awesome & funny results!

Which leads into a Q&A that we haven't done in a while. What happens when The Protector is mashed up with sound clips from CvS2 with You wa Shock as the background music?

With Yoshi's NEW Island out there is Vinny from Vinesauce does what he does best. Corrupting a beautiful world for awesome results.

There's a reason I didn't talk about Super Megaforce where I should be talking about it. This video sums up my current feelings for the show. I know I won't bail on the show but it is becoming a slog to watch. A SLOG!

That shall be that.

Had to come with something because of the birthday we celebrate with this installment and no way would I feature Decapre now. So I guess that leaves us Ami sharing a birthday cake with all of you because I gets mine!

Happy Birthday my son! Your existence & growth makes me so proud and reminds me that even somebody like me can do right every now and again!

As usual, plans are planned and shall be executed. Expect EX3 this week! You know the drill!

Until next we meet! Same #TheCool Time! Same #TheCool Channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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