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#TheCool: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Ver.2016 Episode tWo




Before we get to the business at hand is there's some new work in the streets straight from #TeamGRF that truly you should be aware of if you weren't previously!

More from Robeness247 Live From the Battle Maison!

If you want more then check the channel HERE!

After getting sick of Steve-O dodging this Ayame work is I decided to let The A-Factor & Robeness 247 loose on this Power Stone and trust that this game will become part of the regular rotation!

Will we play Part 2?

You'll just have to stay tuned to find out!




In your hood right now is allegedly a Chicken Wing & Nacho Cheese pizza that Mikey would appreciate in Mutants in Manhattan!

I've heard things and haven't played it myself yet, however if the buzz is true then the talent of Platinum was wasted on a IP that deserves a great game in TMNT.

This is a licensed game by Activision so take from this truth what you will.

Always remember Korra & Tony Hawk! Always remember!

Life & Hometown is officially on PC now with the Steam release of Shinovi Versus!

Everything you want from a Vita port to the PC is here including 60FPS HD SEXY TIME ACTION, BABY!

During it's first week out you'll also get a 10% discount bringing the game to $26.99 too so if you're going to get it then get it ASAP!

I can't wait for the mods to start dropping because you know they are!

Already out in Japan and June 7th in America is Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- and there's no news on Dizzy as of yet!

For now, get caught up on the story if you need to!

That same day Eyes of Heaven drops and if you need this backstory then this Story Trailer should be of assistance!

If you're looking at what you're in for then be sure to download the demo HERE!

June 10th is Kirby: Planet Robobot and this game has the weight of following the amazing Triple Deluxe!

From what I've seen is this game can do that and then some!

But again, what can't Kirby do?!

Mighty No.9 drops on June 21st.

June 28th is Star Ocean: Integrity & Faithlessness so for now a look at Anne, Emerson, some gameplay and the planet of Trei'kur!

Uppers is on July 14th so please take a look at more of your offensive options!

August 23rd!

Until then...THIS!

November 10th is Fate/Extella and it's bringing Musou to the series so it should be interesting how they handle this!

You already know that My Hero Academia: Battle for All is in a hood near you so a look at Tomura Shigaraki is in order!

If you need some assistance then refer HERE for that!



What's good with extending your gameplay with cash money?

I've got the trunk open once again for all the deals and steals!

Coming soon to Street Fighter V is Ibuki and for some reason the Story DLC in June.

The internet at large isn't happy about it so Capcom continues to make people regret their purchase.

Regardless, if you want more information on Ibuki you can find that HERE.

Another day, another Last Round costume set!

This time they're keeping the crossover internal with some Gust Collab costumes!

Be sure to highlight each character and see who they're cosplaying and we'll talk damage below.

It'll run you $2.99 for an individual costume on PS4 & XBONE and $31.99 for the set on PS4, XBONE & Steam.

Note: In the PS4 & XBONE versions Phase-4 can switch costumes by using the Appeal command, however in the Steam version she has 2 costumes instead because that version doesn't support transformations.

Enjoy your collab!

Gargos has been added to Killer Instinct for those rocking the Ultra & Supreme Editions.

He'll be released for Combo Breaker owners next week and everybody else the week after that.

Also be sure to pick up The Last Blade 2 for $14.99 on PSN!

Fully uncensored, cross everything and comes with some cool themes for both PS4 & Vita so go and get it if you ain't got it RIGHT HERE!!

The art was drawn by legendary SNK artist Tonko who was responsible for the art in both The Last Blade & Garou: Mark of the Wolves!



Things were gotten into! I'm not at liberty to discuss what those things are however know work is being put in!

Time permitting #DiaryofaGameWhore The King of Fighters '95 should be out this weekend!

Week #2 as shows are done until the Fall and there's a lot to go over so let's get to it!

GOT HAM AKA GOR DONE continues the dumb it goes! Season 3 is going to be business! Nothing more to say other than that!

DAT FLASH ended in a way I didn't expect but at the same time should've because of how things are about to start working over in the Arrowverse! How these actions will change things and if they'll affect the other shows is to be seen but here's hoping they go all the way with it!

DAT ARROW after a rocky start brought it back to a degree but has a lot of work to do to get back to the Lord status it once held but I think it can get the job done!

I'm so glad people tuned in to Rosewood and got it that 2nd season because things got extra real at the end of the Season Finale so where this goes is anybody's guess but I'll be right there to see how Rosevilla does what it does! SHIP GAME PROPER!

For reasons that I can't disclose at this moment is I finally got around to that The 100 marathon I've had in the cut for a while and again I should've just listened to J because The 100 stays going extra, extra, extra dumb! Take the Summer and catch up on this show! DUMB GUARANTEED!

Whose Line is back for the Summer and as usual you should be on that! Always bringing the funny and an easy way to make 20 minutes disappear like nothing!

The Shane/Mick Foley "podcast" was a good watch even though it was more about Shane's past versus what's good with the present WWE. There'll be another I bet because of how good this was.

Question is, what does this brand split mean for the WWE? We'll see!

Reign is the last show from the Fall standing but it won't be alone with all this Summer heat that's about to drop so be ready for it to get hot in here!



Botchamania 309!



The Season Finale of Lindbeck & Lee features Kaiji Tang, hot peppers, accents, movies and DAT DRESS by Erica Lindbeck!

Also be sure to peep the Forbes article about the history of Arc System Works and what the future holds! If they ever make the thing they mention I might completely lose it! That is all!


For the first time in a while is there's no rhyme or reason here!

Just awesome art by awesome artists!

Let's take a look shall we!

Miss Yoko Littner, the sniper girl of our dreams and/or fantasies depending on how you get down!

Thanks to ゆらん for this art and if you want more then hit Pixiv, Tumblr and @yurang92 on Twitter!

Viva La D.Va indeed as there's more D.Va when the truth is there's never enough!

Thanks to YD for this one and if more is what you seek then Pixiv@ydh2101 on Twitter is where that's located!

I can admit that Blue is just as great on Rin as the Red usually is!

I'd like to thank Dixi for this epiphany and if you want more then check deviantArt for such!

Would you like some Chibi Yang in your Art Bomb?!

Maybe a cute Blake in a box with a dabble of Zwei?!

Or even a very pretty Penny for your troubles?!

Shouts and congrats to いえすぱ for getting that RWBY Chibi gig! His art heavily inspires the show's look and that's an amazing feat in and of itself given Rooster Teeth's history of bringing fans on when they create amazing things to help THE THING be a even better thing!

If you want more then check the Pixiv@mojojoj27827860 on Twitter!

Shouts to OHLAND for this double shot of Nurse Morrigan featuring Milia Rage because something about bedside manors and such!

If you want more then check the Pixiv@OHLAND2733 on Twitter!

Revelator's coming home and to celebrate this have some Jack-O from me to you!

Thanks to 色糸 for this Jack-O you've received and if you want more then hit Pixiv or @ASTRO_HO on Twitter!

What can I say about Rarity that hasn't already been echoed through the annals of time already?

Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

Check out more Slugbox on Patreon, Tumblr, deviantArt and!

This special part of the Art Bomb is to celebrate 30 Years of Dragon Quest and with it some art that features my favorite game in the series in Part 4!

Manya the Dancer, Meena the Fortune Teller & Alena the Martial Artist who's also Tsarevna of Zamoksva!

Tsarevna just means daughter of the king! #LearningThangs

These are the Ladies of Dragon Quest IV!

I'd like to thank hinacan for this art piece and if more's what you need then check the Pixiv@hinacann on Twitter!

If what you were looking for was more Manya then MIN-NARAKEN's got what you need!

More can found @min_naraken on Twitter!

Y'all know I play favorites and if you ask me who's my favorite lady of Dragon Quest the answer will always be Alena! Just a pure ass kicker and cute to boot!

Jessica from VIII is a very close second! Just for the record and such!

Shouts to れい for this one here and if you want more then check the website, Pixiv & @asamiyarei on Twitter!

That's that!

Work is coming so be on the lookout for whatever drops from your folks at #TeamGRF!

As usual, we thank you for coming to kick it and know we appreciate it more than you know!

Tell friend and foe alike how we do what we do better than anybody in the business!

You'll know when we do this next so be ready!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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