Monday, March 23, 2015

#TheCool: Shingeki no Lyon

#TheCool's as usual is ready to give you last week the only way you need it!

Feels so good to be back to it. Got together with The A-Factor AKA A-Lo Brown & Robeness247 and we got in the lab and brought some Smash & Tekken Tag 2 out for the streets! I have the feeling this excursion will lead to great things.

As usual though, #DoaGHThaDOJO's always got exactly what you fiend for and nothing's changed about what we do! On deck right now...

Persona 4 The Ultimax: Ultra Suplex Hold, Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm, Arcana Heart 3 Love Max SIX STARS!!!!!!, Koihime Embusen, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code, Fate/unlimited codes, Blade Arcus from Shining, Blazblue Chrono Phantasma, Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe, The King of Fighters XI & The Rumble Fish 2!

We welcome back Guilty Gear Xrd to the roster with the V1.10 update & your weekly dose of TvC has been preempted with Guilty Gear XX^Core+R! Enjoy that!

Fiends served! This Week In Everything, SHINE ON!

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition. Now featuring Trish & Lady...I MUST HAVE THIS!!!!!!!! This went from a curiosity to play as Vergil to a must play as Trish & Lady my 2 favorite characters in the series not named Dante! So cool! June 18th for PSXQUADBONE and Steam on June 24th!

For some reason, Predator & Jax cosplaying as Carl Weathers from Predator is DLC for Mortal Kombat X. Also featuring Tanya & Tremor who'll you recognize from multiple MUGEN creations & fanfictions you should never, ever read.

The first commercial for Super Extreme Butoden. Not a lot here but what you may be interested in is that a demo is coming to GLORIOUS NIPPON when Revival of F drops over there. Game drops on June 11th just so you know.

More Type-0? More Type-0.

Coming soon to a hood near you is One Piece Pirate Warriors 3. Relive the journey to the Grand Line from the start or something like that.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night gives you all the Yosuke you could never handle!

Let us welcome Leixia & the Girl Pirate armor set to Soul Calibur: Lost Swords.

What Did I Get Into This Week?

You already know. I'm hoping getting back into the swing of just recording leads into something. The gears are turning and I just want to make something out of it. We'll see what comes from that.

Season 1 of Empire has come to a close and saying it delivered the goods would be the understatement of ever! If you aren't familiar then with this chapter closed is this is the best time to get caught up on everything Empire! Must watch TV! Just so you know is last week's title was an Empire reference if you were wondering where it came from.

The Flash & Arrow returned by going straight crazy out of the gate! I'm so glad that there's no more breaks until the end of the season! This as well is must watch TV!

ToQGer vs Kyoryuger was an awesome watch and a nice bonus to see Daigo & the crew once more. I will say the small twist the movie brings to the table should've been featured in the show more in my opinion. Again it was great seeing both casts interact as VS movies lend itself to.

The sequel to Transformers: Prime in Robots in Disguise is out and as a "sequel" to the series is that while you don't need to watch Prime to get what RiD is doing. The thing is that you should watch Prime because its a great series. You should give RiD a shot regardless because it looks to be some great Transformers TV.

You should get iZombie on your radar and not because Rose McIver is a goddess but because the show is very good. I enjoy the most that it just takes the early premise of iZombie and runs with it versus what iZombie became later. Read iZombie when you get the chance.

Speaking of reading is that I'm finally catching up on the awesome Archie Mega Man comic. I just love how much care and love is a part of each and every page. How much it dives into the lore of the series in a way that just works. This as well is a must read.

Shouts to the Curleh Mustache Battle Royale 5 for an awesome show. Even I can enjoy some great Mahvel 3 play when its on display.

All of the rest of the usual suspects are doing what they do best and as always we thank their efforts in their continued entertainment of just doing what they do.

Black Sails & House of Lies will be on the judgment block next week because their finales are on deck. Join us for how they faired next week.

Dino Charge. Still not sucking. Actually very good. Check in next week for more.

What I Watched On The Internet This Week please bring us to a close like only you can!

Team Four Star Presents...Dragon Ball Z: Abridged Presents...The History of Trunks!

How real can beef get between the Power Rangers & Cookie Monster? Shouts to The Racka Racka for this craziness!

Botchamania 270!

One of the myriads of possibilities of what could happen on Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, here's a new episode of The Mark Remark.

The future starring one Mary Kish.

I've been hearing things about this being real and if it is then I'm so down. The original show was one of my favorite shows and the possibility of a revival of the show is super cool! KIDS NEXT DOOR! BATTLESTATIONS!!!

If you get a chance then check out the newest episode of the History of Power Rangers all about RPM right HERE!

Also be sure to check out the first 2 episodes of Critical Role (Episode 1 & Episode 2) because there's just something awesome about seeing your favorite voice actors play D&D and have a great time entertaining themselves and everybody else.

That shall be that for now!

Shouts to Mirano for this picture of the Human Resources Nightmare, Katsuragi from Senran Kagura and Bullet from Blazblue with DAT ASS that defies all 2D logic! If you want more like this then click the picture to be brought to its source and you can access Mirano's Pixiv Page HERE! 18+ as a precaution!

A Double D reminder that Senran Kagura Estival Versus drops on the 26th in GLORIOUS NIPPON and the Dead or Alive 5 Last Round crossover costumes drop on the 24th everywhere! More on both in the next installment. Enjoy some Estival Versus gameplay courtesy of Dengeki Online in the mean time in between time.

As usual, we thank you for coming to kick it with your folks for a bit and be sure to join us next week when we talk about this week!

Until next time!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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