Monday, July 28, 2014

#TheCool: Gathering of the Thousands Ver.2014

#TheCool's here and we're ready to do thing we do every single week and this would be the time to get settled in to take a look at the week that was.

Again, I failed at getting an episode of Super Metroid out to the streets and I'll try my damndest to get something out this week so please stay tuned for that.

However, #DoaGHThaDOJO's providing that goodness as usual and available for you right now...

Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes, Senko no Ronde: DUO, Guilty Gear Xrd, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code, Project Justice, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax & Koihime Embu!

The spotlight game this week is Fate Unlimited/Codes! Been a nice long while since some footage has been out there so make sure to enjoy this rare feature!

With that done, This Week In Everything it's your show now! Take advantage of it!

Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late is live on PS3 and while its very cute to see the gravitation the game is getting it'll be interesting to see how quickly this falls off like every other fad. The game deserves all the attention but I just don't know if it'll get the love that it needs to prosper as game of this caliber deserves but make your best attempt to prove me wrong for the sake of a game that deserves it. To help out all and any who wish to step into the darkness is a series of tutorials from French Bread for all the characters except Byakuya & Nanase.

Speaking of things that are out is that by time you read this that the new costume set for Doa5U should be out and its all about what happens after. What you ask? Watch the trailer. You'll figure it out.

How much Hyrule Warriors you want? Character spotlight? Got that! Link with a new weapon? Got that! The Sages of Water & Fire joining the fight? Got that too! Hype's steadily growing and I can't wait until this drops!

With the console release of Ultra creeping ever closer is that you get another look at most of the costumes you'll be getting for free seeing at SDCC that it was announced that more costumes are on the way. DAT POISON!!! HNNNNGGHHHH!

Speaking of Comic Con is we got an extended Tekken 7 trailer. The End of the Mishima Saga? We'll see about that.

This week in Persona brings us the reminder that Q & Ultimax are coming to MURICA soon and Marie will be joining Ultimax as DLC after release.

Yukina & Rentarou are part of the Fighting Climax now! Give them a warm welcome!

Wanna know how to make your Super Princess, punch? Watch this Koihime Embu tutorial for such information.

Next up to join Maxi Boost is Chang Wufei from Wing in the Altron.

Sunset Overdrive proves that even if the end comes you still look cool as the time ticks away!

Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed is coming next month to PS3 & Vita but also to PS4 this fall!

This week in Senran Kagura is all about customizing your game experience from what she wears to what you hear!

What did I get into this week you ask?

I played a bunch of Freedom Planet & Sigma Star Saga and they're both delivering the goods. I was trying to get into some Shovel Knight finally after catching a deal on it only to find out my controller doesn't work with it but I heard a new update is coming and Joy2Key is always an option until then but honestly I was just using it as an excuse to play more Freedom Planet.

Also played some Under Night In-Birth myself and I didn't really get into some heavy lab work with Linne but I plan to change that at some point when I get a chance.

This was was full of watching random things and clearing out some of my TV/Movie backlog by finishing out TMNT, Family Guy & American Dad and watching 21 Jump Street & Wreck-It Ralph because the internet was out for a couple of hours. All great entertainment in what they provided and if you haven't watched any of the above then maybe you should. It wouldn't hurt you at all.

The usual suspects did what they did as they always do and Gaim's in the final stretch and if everything has delivered up to now then what's coming is going to easily put it in that same sphere with W, Fourze & Kabuto as some of my favorite Rider shows. Korra, True Blood, Ray Donovan, Space Dandy, Girl Meets World & ToQger are still holding it down and if you're looking for something to get into then those are always choices and of course Naruro & Bleach holding down the manga front as usual.

Time to bring this installment to a close. What I Watched On the Internet This Week this is your moment! Grab a hold to it!

What happens when you take the 1st episode of the Sailor Moon dub and edit the 1st episode of Crystal around that?

Poccola_margherita0141 presents Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late: The Sexy Motion Collection! Create your own opinion on if it actually delivers on that by watching it yourself.

Shouts to MrCopyrightViolator for this look at the Galaga loading game from Tekken 1. Lets just say I'll be putting this information to some use next year! If you need some additional assistance with it then take a look at these pictures of the flight patterns by selmiak HERE! Pretty awesome stuff!

The other thing I've been watching this week is the IWGP G1 Climax and then going backward to watch AJ Styles take on Okada in an awesome series of matches! Some great wresting on display here! So if you're looking for something a bit different in your wrestling intake then this is the ticket!


That's that for this week. Super Metroid will be dropping at some point so be watching for it and #DoaGHThaDOJO is always providing that goodness you know you need to stay tuned for more of exactly that!

We'll be back next week for another installment of #TheCool so be sure to join us then!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Monday, July 21, 2014

#TheCool: Introductory Wisdom: Ami-chan's First Episode!

#TheCool's here and we're ready to say our final words to last week as we always do and let us not stall a second longer.

Super Metroid didn't happen and that was because I got a bit busy but the plan is to give you a twofer or possible triple play this week but we'll continue our search for the baby this week!

I did however update the Gundam SEED Destiny combo repository and you can see all the new combos HERE! If you have any questions about anything you see then please let me know and I'll do my best to explain it to you.

As usual #DoaGHThaDOJO is providing that crack you need and we won't be stopping anytime soon! On deck right now...

Koihime Embu, Sengoku Basara X, Senko no Ronde DUO, Chaos Code, Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code V1.07, Daemon Bride Additional Gain, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax & Guilty Gear Xrd!

This is the announcement of the Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes Archive Project! Expect TvC videos whenever I think the streets need a fix! A pleasure & privilege to add this to the roster of games covered on #DoaGHThaDOJO!

This Week In Everything, this is your time! Steal this show!

By the time you read this is that Freedom Planet should be on Steam for you to purchase. I implore you to please at least give it a try and I linked the demo in the last installment and I'm doing it again (Windows & Mac) because I can! However, if this trailer is enough to convince you to get then follow the feeling because it won't steer you wrong! You can find the Steam page to purchase it HERE! Go on, you know you want to help Lilac & her friends save the world!

Under Night In-Birth will be out on PS3 on Thursday and you should take a look at these tutorial videos to learn more about the basics and I will be explaining all on this one so be ready for that in the near future. And shouts to Fragarach on the Youtubes for the translations.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 the disc version will be out soon and this trailer highlights some of the characters alternate costumes that will be unlocked on the disc. You have to pre-order it for the UDON costumes for the new characters & have a Street Fighter X Tekken save to unlock another set of costumes for them as well. It'll be out on August 5th.

This week in Persona 4 Arena brings us some character features starring Teddie and Elizabeth! Enjoy!

New Hyrule Warriors trailer starring Zelda with the Wind Waker. Interesting stuff which keeps me hype for this release.

This week in Gundam Maxi Boost will soon bring new Gundams to the fight. Elle Vianno in the RX-178 Gundam Mk-II (AEUG Colors),

Quatre Winner in the Wing Gundam Zero,

Shin Matsunaga in the MS-06R-1A Zaku II,

Kamille Bidan in the RX-178 Gundam Mk-II (Titans Colors),

Marbet Fingerhat in the Victory Gundam Hexa

& Lunamaria Hawke in the Impulse Gundam.

There's still no Allenby Beardsley & Nobel Gundam and I'm starting to become a bit perturbed at this! I still have NEXT Plus so I'll continue to get my fix on that for now.

I didn't get into too much gaming this week outside of some Ultimate Butoden & Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 because you still have to turn on your XBOX 360 in order to spend money on your account. M$ LOL. M$ LOL! Y'all need to fix that shit for real.

Shouts to Wrestling With Text for this very accurate representation of the current state of the WWE. Battleground was last night & because this is a late post I got a chance to catch RAW and the direction where it seems to be going was called a while back. Brock is taking on Cena at Summer Slam and now that this is the case I wonder what happens to my folks Roman Reigns? The Steph/Brie thing is going places especially what happened tonight on RAW. Bray Wyatt is still a beast. Dolph & Damien Sandow are still being under utilized and Dolph got robbed of the IC title by Miz and that sucks but at least Zack Ryder won a damn match! This whole Big E, Kofi & Xavier Woods stable thing is going to be good if it can be how MVP, Kenny King & Lashley in TNA are clowning. Speaking of such, TNA is still TNA. I watch it and enjoy it but there's never really anything to actually say unless you'd love for me to go on and on about Velvet Sky's ass and I will save you that out of respect for your time. I've always wanted to get into more of the Japan stuff but if I'm fast forwarding through WWE & TNA is that I won't waste my time for something I know deserves my undivided attention. This is just one of the myriad of examples of things I notice about how serious people take things and how I may not take them as such. Such is life and subject to change.

The usual suspects were doing what they always do and every show showed up. Sailor Moon Crystal was in the introduction of Sailor Mercury! HURRAY!!! JoJo's staying as bizarre as possible! Girl Meets World is continually meeting my expectations! Korra delivering with the backstory. True Blood with the shakeups. Ray Donovan being Ray Donovan. Gaim continuing the streak of just being nuts & ToQger just being a show I watch. Bleach & Naruto on the manga front still delivering the goods as usual. Always love to be entertained!

Time to wrap this thing up! What I Watched On The Internet This Week, you're on!

Moon Animate Make-Up is a project that united 250 artists to reanimate an episode of Sailor Moon. This is an awesome watch to see all the different styles of art that make it up so be sure to watch it.

Episode 2 of Dragon Ball Z Kai Abridged. That's so meta!

Want to hear a story about how John de Lancie trolled a fan? Here is that.

Cristina Vee had a birthday and somebody made her a video about Heavy trying to find Noel a birthday present. This has a been a premise for a video.

Gemini Laser
's back with another Mega Man 7 episode.

makes history with the 1st 4K YouTube Poop! Respect!

Botchamania 254 is here and now you can watch it too.


That shall be that for now. Enjoy the Ami because as much as I love her I wanted to go a different way with the title but I went with the Ami reference and this cute cheesecake so enjoy that!

Like I said earlier is that there will be plenty of Super Metroid this week so be expecting that and who knows what else!

As usual we thank you for stopping by and we hope that you'll come back next week for more! We always appreciate it when you do! Until then!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Monday, July 14, 2014

#TheCool: If You Ain't First, You're Last!

#TheCool's back in the trenches ready to give last week the final look over and as usual there's plenty! So let's get to the business then!

A new episode of Super Metroid and I'm still on the education tip. Learn about Jump & Shoot Man and his brother Jump Through Door Man! Mockball 101 and the forgotten one, Spore Spawn! We'll be back to Samus' adventures sooner than you think.

Also, a new installment of #GamingBucketList featuring Mega Man V/Rockman World 5 is out right now! Mega Man is going to take the fight to the Stardroids and you'll learn most of what you need to know within. Afterward, play the game yourself!

As usual #DoaGHThaDOJO is serving that goodness you love because I know you love it. On deck right now...

Fighting Layer, Sengoku Basara X, Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Taisen, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade, The Rumble Fish 2, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax & Guilty Gear Xrd!

Our featured game is Project Justice seeing as its been awhile since some has been uploaded to the page. So enjoy it just because!

With that out of the way is that time for our 2nd Act, This Week In Everything! (Applause Here)

FALCON PAUNCHHHHH!!!! Yep, he's back and he brought some Fire Emblem representation with him. Robin & Lucina from Awakening are joining the fray as well. Robin is just as OP as ever with both spells & swordplay. Robin also has a male & female variant just like in Awakening so good on Sakurai for that. Lucina's playing the Marth clone role or more like she's Roy seeing as her blade works the same as his did in Melee. There are enough subtle differences between Lucina & Marth that they both get separate slots where Robin regardless of gender shares one. This does make me wonder how a Pokemon Trainer of different genders would be handled. If a trainer had the same Pokemon or different Pokemon with the same abilities then it would share a slot like Robin does and Lucina for the reverse possibility I suppose. From what I've heard we'll know the full roster soon so anything can happen from here.

EVO always brings the announcements and the 1st of 2 is Raiden will be in MKX. Couldn't be a MK game without him seeing as Trilogy is technically a MK3 game so it counts. He's looking good and is getting the treatment the Thunder God deserves.

The other is that Tekken 7 seems to be ending the series I think. We'll be getting more information at San Diego Comic Con so for now all we know is we're back to father and son wanting to kill each other. Oh wait, we never left that. Love You, Tekken!

Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late will be out next Thursday so enjoy a trailer until then.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax isn't coming out next Thursday but enjoy a trailer anyhow.

Let us welcome Fi to the battlefield of Hyrule Warriors!

Danganrompa 2 has a new trailer so watch that or don't for spoiler reasons.

Zangetsu Shin is out now & Kiwami Arms will be out next Thursday.

And now A Word From The Department of Hyper Enormous Boobage Development Sponsored By Senran Kagura! THE FUTURE BITCHES!!!

The Directors Cut of Shantae: Risky's Revenge will be on Steam tomorrow. I'll need everybody to show up for this one and even if you've played previous versions is that this version adds enough content to deserve a replay which I plan to do.

Speaking of games coming out this week is that Freedom Planet is dropping on Steam on the 19th so I'll need you to hop on that as well. Awesome game that I've spoke about before that I will again now and next time on #TheCool to let you know my thoughts. You can download the PC or Mac demo to give it a whirl and if you like and you will like it so that leads in to you buying it which is a great thing for everybody involved. Watch the old trailer for more action if you see the need to.

For some reason after my Mega Man V experience is that I went back to Mega Man Zero randomly and after some research is that I learned that I've been playing the game wrong for a long time. At least when it comes to unlocking everything in it though. Just know that all you have to do in order to unlock everything is feed & use all the Cyber Elves and you'll unlock both Ultimate & Hard mode at the same time when beating the game. #GamingBucketList: Mega Man Zero coming soon.

Played a bit of Battride War 2 to give Zangetsu Shin a whirl and he's cool but a bit lackluster but free is free so you take that for what it is.

EVO 2014 just came and went and the hype was real. At this point is that I treat FGC events like I do sports in which I only watch the finals unless otherwise and that otherwise this year was Tekken Tag 2 which always brings the hype. I will say that finals day brought the hype with BlazBlue & Marvel doing what it does so shouts to EVO bringing the entertainment when I wasn't playing Mega Man Zero.

Ray Donovan! It's back and doing work without missing a beat. Show is just that damn good and this needs to be on your watch list if it isn't yet.

Kyoryuger: 100 Years After! All this movie did is remind me how much I want more Kyoryuger. This was just awesome in every way and a perfect way to send the show out!

I forgot to talk about Space Dandy Season 2 and just so you know that its just as crazy as ever doing what it does best and that's all you can ask for.

All the other usual suspects did what they do with True Blood showing up and even Gaim doing a tie-in episode to the movie wasn't bad either & Korra continuing to live up to its potential! ToQger is still ToQger. Naruto & Bleach still holding down the manga front as they reach their preventable end.

The Final Act is now, What I Watched On The Internet This Week please bring us to the end of our play!

If you wanted to see every Ougi in Power Instinct 5 then you're in luck because this video provides just that.

New episode of Chad Warden In The House! Hilarious as hell!

George Washington vs William Wallace & Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael & Michelangelo vs Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael & Michelangelo...BEGIN!

Jim Ross is back commentating your favorite video games. BY GAWD ITS A SLOBBERKNOCKER!!

Somebody beat Spelunky in under 2 minutes. Worth the watch for what happens after the run's over.

Every Bunnymustard MLP YouTube Poop in a convenient 71 minute video! Take the challenge if you dare!

Throwback of the week, The Mighty Casey with White Girls. Shouts to BET Uncut! The streets need you more than ever!

That's that!

Well Lebron went back to Cleveland and why I don't really have much investment in the game of basketball at the moment I figured we could celebrate the occasion anyway.

I want to shout out DaddyDoyleStudios for making these classic mashup vidos about Lebron & his misadventures from the Bash At South Beach to his return to Cleveland to don the Red & Yellow or White for actual accuracy. You can watch the whole series in this playlist.

Lebron X Wrassin wouldn't be complete without this GIF which takes Seth Rollins' betrayal of The Shield and puts the Lebron twist on it. Just funny stuff.

Other than such, expect a new episode or 2 of Super Metroid this week!

#DoaGHThaDOJO's always delivering the crack you need so be sure to stay tuned.

As usual, we appreciate you stopping by and we invite you to come back next week where we'll be doing it again!

Until then!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

#GamingBucketList: Mega Man V/Rockman World 5 (GB)

Mega Man V or Rockman World 5 as it were was the final GameBoy interquel and easily the best of them for one wasn't recycled NES content! However, each GB game did introduce a group of Robot Masters called the Mega Man Killers. Enker was the Killer in Dr. Wily's Revenge, Punk in III & Ballade in IV. There was also Quint in II but he isn't a Killer but something else entirely. This is just to say that the GB games weren't completely devoid of original content and until Mega Man 10 was the only way to experience those battles except for Quint who has yet to make an appearance outside the GB games in a fashion similar to the Killers. So if you're trying to experience this side of the franchise I'd say it'd be worth the time to do so by starting from Dr. Wily's Revenge and making your way to this game. Speaking of this game is that maybe we should talk about it instead because it is the topic of discussion. That seems like a good of a segue as any I'd say.

Want some plot? Here's some plot for you. Some time after Mega Man stopped Wily's plan for world domination for the umpteenth time is that him and Roll are taking a stroll when all of a sudden a Stardroid introducing himself as Terra appears and challenges Mega Man to battle. During the battle Mega Man realizes his Mega Buster doesn't work at all against Terra who then proceeds to curb stomp him into the ground because of this fact. Sometime after that Mega Man wakes up in Dr, Light's Lab to the news that robots from space are attacking the Earth. Dr. Light in the wake of all that's happened has created and equipped Mega Man with the Mega Arm or Rock'n Arm as its called in Rockman World 5 which sounds cooler by the by and with it he can now charge up energy in his fist before firing it. Some people like to make the comparison to the Hard Knuckle but as you'll learn what it can do it does seem more like this interquel's version of Rocket Buster from Mega Man 6 with some twists of its own as you'll learn about a bit later.

Also joining Mega Man's quest against the Stardroids is his new feline companion, Tango. Tango serves the same function as Beat does in Mega Man 5 & 6. Tango will do 1 point of damage to mostly any enemy until it's dead, Tango's energy runs out or it rolls down a pit which is usually how most Tango summons end. Tango also has use against some bosses if you wish to use him in that manner as well. Mega Man's got a new weapon and a new kitty so it's time to take on Stardroid threat!

You'd think so right? Nope! There's something you need to do first. That thing is dying. A whole lot in fact. The reason is that if you continue 4 times in a stage without going back to the stage select is that Dr. Light will give you the Turbo Accelerator. It makes your all your shots faster and makes the Mega Arm return to you even quicker. Some may not find valor or value in dying but I see it as tipping the scales of justice in the favor of the greater good. There are some caveats to how this actually works. At no point before you get the Turbo Accelerator can you go back to the stage select and this includes what would be your 4th continue or it makes you start the process over again. You can do this twice and getting both levels of the Turbo Accelerator doesn't have to be done in the same string of continues. So you could do 4 get the L1 Turbo Accelerator and then do another 4 later on for the L2 version. I suggest getting both levels from the start of the game because it is a real helpful tool in this fight for the Earth. The final caveat is that the Turbo Accelerator is not saved in any password you receive so anytime you continue from a password is you'll have to go through the process again to get it so keep that in mind. Now Mega Man's all powered up now so lets take out those Stardroids and save the Earth!

This game follows the same formula as the previous GB games with 4 bosses to start, a boss to break up the in-between action, the 2nd set of 4 and the endgame. Surprisingly enough, the mainline games wouldn't get to this formula until a year later with Mega Man 7 with 8 following suit and Mega Man & Bass turning the idea on its head a bit with how game progression is handled. 9 & 10 dropped this for how it used to be pre-7 with all 8 Robot Masters available from the start. The More You Know!

Also returning from Mega Man IV is the opportunity to return to Dr. Light's Lab and trade your P Chips for items and services which was the the precursor to shops in Mega Man 7, & Bass, Challenger from the Future & 10. Dr. Light's Lab in 8 & Home in 9. The More You Know!

You can access the Dr. Light's Lab by pressing Select from the stage select screen or by pressing B after you've defeated one of the Stardroids or a Game Over. Here's what's available for you!
  • 1/4 E-Tank for 20 P Chips (There's a stage filled with these so there's no need to ever buy this item.)
  • W (Weapon) Tank for 30 P Chips (This is the only place in the game where you can get these so getting a couple for the endgame is recommended. These only fill up one weapon per tank just so you know. You can have a maximum of 4.)
  • E (Energy) Tank for 60 P Chips (There are E-Tanks everywhere scattered throughout the game so if you need some then return to a stage and pick them up there instead and save your P Chips for something else. You can have a maximum of 4)
  • Weapon Refill Service for 70 P Chips (In this game your weapons aren't refilled after defeating a Stardroid but are refilled after a Game Over. So depending on your usage for special weapons and your frugal spending of P Chips is that you could just Game Over for a free refill instead.)
  • Extra Life/1Up/Me Head for 50 P Chips (These are another item that are scattered throughout the levels and randomly drop too. If you have some left over P Chips for the endgame then spending it on Me Heads wouldn't be the worst idea.)
  • Energy Balancer for 140 P Chips (The Energy Balancer is a must but not the 1st thing on Rock's must own list in this game. If you have the P Chips to spare after a couple of Stardroids are defeated then do so but buy it before the start of the endgame.)
  • S (Super) Tank for 120 P Chips (It fills up your energy and all your weapons upon use. This is also another item Dr. Light has to create and a must for the endgame. Keep it in mind in preparation for that. You can only hold one of these at a time.)
  • MH (Magnet Hand/Mega Hand) for 90 P Chips (In my honest view this is the first thing on Rock's must own list. The game will present situations where you can get something by sliding or by using a certain weapon to pick up the goodies trapped inside. From what I've gathered is sliding for some items requires pixel perfect precision to get them because if you're off by even a hair coming or going is that Mega Man's dead. Also it is a sequence breaker in the 2nd half of the game in lieu of a weapon you'd have to grab some special items.)
  • CL (Clobber Hand/Grab Attack) for 100 P Chips (Right after you get the Magnet Hand than this is the next item on Rock's must own list. What it does is that when Mega Man shoots the Mega Arm is that it will grab on to some enemies to do additional damage. I'm still not sure how to make it work consistently but I've found holding or rapidly pressing B after it hits usually makes it work. Abuse it as much as possible for maximum effect.)
Now that you know everything available in Dr Light's Lab is let's go kick some Stardroid ass now! What's odd about the boss order here is that the weakness chain actually takes into account all 8 Stardroids so you won't be seeing the potency of the chain until the Zombie Rematches in the endgame. So where do we start?

First on Mega Man's Stardroid Hit List is Mercury who falls easy to the Mega Arm now and the Black Hole we'll receive later. Never let Mercury attack you with the Grab Buster. If he connects with it then you'll randomly lose P Chips or worse a E, W or S Tank and that sucks for reasons I'll get into later. You'll get the Grab Buster (ME) for yourself and it works the same way on enemies. It is a guaranteed way to fill your energy and it also randomly makes other items drop so be sure to use it in lieu of an E Tank when necessary.

Next up is Neptune who you'll be taking on with the Mega Arm now and the Spark Chaser later on. Using either weapon will make short work of Neptune. Just make sure to watch his jumping patterns and you'll get the Salt Water (NE) for your victory.

Mars is up next and you could dodge stuff but hitting Mars with the Salt Water will wrap this battle up long before you have to worry about actually being on the defensive for any reason. You'll get the Photon Missile (MA) for your victory here.

Take your new Photon Missile and introduce Venus to it. Just as with Mars you can stand right next to Venus and Photon Missile until Venus is dead. Just know whenever you fire at all it prompts Venus to jump in the air and retaliate with a Bubble Bomb. This is why you need to be point blank with it because of the delay the Photon Missile takes before actually moving forward. If you've ever fought Volt Catfish in X3 with the Tornado Fang then you should treat the fight similar to how you'd handle it there. You'll also receive the Bubble Bomb (VE) for your victory here as well.

With the 1st 4 Stardroids down is we're taking this fight straight to Terra for some payback. Terra however isn't too interested in fighting right now so instead Terra summons Dark Moon to deal with us. Dark Moon is a Devil boss and should be dealt with as such. Your options for damage or either the Photon Missile or fully charged Mega Arm shots which I prefer. If you picked up the CL item before this battle then it'll do some extra damage and if you got the Turbo Accelerator then you can hit Dark Moon twice or even 3 times during a phase bringing this fight to a close very quickly.

After the fight Dr, Light comes to the conclusion that if the Stardroids come at the Earth with all their might is that the Earth doesn't stand a chance but Mega Man makes the suggestion that if he can get to where the rest of the Stardroid force is located is that a surprise attack would be the best bet to save the Earth and suggests that he adapt Rush for space travel. Dr. Light does just that and Mega Man and Rush leave the Earth for their surprise attack gambit on the Stardroids and the 2nd part of the game!

In this part of the game you have 2 weaknesses for the 4 Stardroids available to fight right now. So the question to ask here is that do you want a kickass almost broken weapon at the start of the chain or the chance to pick up the Rush Jet after the 2nd Stardroid you defeat in the chain? Also note this, because of an additional secret wrinkle if you choose to seek them out are crystals in each stage that if you find all 4 is that Dr. Light will be able to create the Power Generator which reduces how much weapon energy you use and is a must for an easier endgame. Because 2 of the crystals require the use of Stardroid weapons is that you'll need to go back to one of the stages to pick up the last part of it before the endgame or if you get the kickass almost broken weapon right after you defeat the boss that's weak to said weapon. I'll take you through the chain that gets the kickass almost broken weapon because when I think about my playthrough is that there was one instance where Rush Jet could've been useful having it earlier and the crazy part is the one part where Rush Jet would've just broken the flow of the level which is what I use it for is the Stardroid you defeat actually in that level gives you Rush Jet so there's that. Let's get back to action!

Pluto's up next on the hit list and he just happens to be weak to the Grab Buster so hit him with it as much as possible and seeing as Pluto is the precursor to not only 7's Slash Man and X3's Neon Tiger is that he'll bounce off the walls and end up almost to the ceiling where the Grab Buster can't get to him. Switch to the Bubble Bombs to do damage to him when that's what you're dealing with during the battle. Pluto will be no more and you get kickass almost super broken weapon...the Break Dash (PL)! What makes the Break Dash so crazy is after Mega Man dashes he's invincible for a bit. Guess how you can abuse that fact? Know that you have to charge it and depending the level of the charge makes Mega Man go farther. Stick to a L1 charge because the invincibility time is the same no matter what and just keep moving to make full use of the awesome you now have at your disposal. The Break Dash can break down certain walls to find secrets and shortcuts so be sure to bust those walls down when you see them.

Time to take the kickass almost broken super weapon and show Uranus this power firsthand. Be aware of the battlefield terrain when fighting Uranus because if you don't you'll get squashed and die. Using the kickass almost broken super weapon will end this fight rather quickly. Make sure to use the invincibility after you hit Uranus with the Break Dash to get outside of Uranus' sprite to set up for another ASAP. You'll get the Deep Digger (UR) from Uranus and it is is just like Guts Man's Super Arm except you actually have to be standing on top of the block before picking it up. The Deep Digger is required for a couple of secrets so be on the lookout for Deep Digger blocks in the levels to find said secrets.

Let's take the fight to Jupiter now and know he's very weak to the Bubble Bombs. The only time Jupiter can't be hit is when he's doing an attack where he'll spin around and create an vertical spire of electricity that flows straight down. Other than such the Bubble Bombs make very short work of the battle and you get the Electric Shock (JU) for your time spent.

Our final of the 2nd set of` Stardroids Saturn isn't a fan of the Electric Shock at all. Saturn however is very mobile and will throw his ring and in most cases to slide toward you afterward. Just dodge him and put a shock to his Stardroid system and get the Black Hole (SA) & the Rush Jet for your victory here.

With the 8 Stardroids down is now Mega Man finally gets his rematch against Terra and this battle's a cinch. Either introduce him to the Mega Arm or use Deep Digger to throw those blocks at him and this same Stardroid who was such a tough guy at the outset now has to concede defeat. You'll also receive the Spark Chaser (EA) for your victory as well.

Just a note is that once you defeat Terra is that there's no way back to Dr. Light's Lab without getting to a Game Over screen and pressing A so be sure to make sure to do any preparation for the endgame before you fight Terra,

In classic Mega Man fashion is that Wily reveals himself to be the force behind the Stardroids and now its time to take the fight to Wily.

You'll start in a SHMUP section where you'll control Rush Space for the duration. You can charge up Rush Space's cannon as you would the Mega Arm but it doesn't take into account any level of the Turbo Accelerator you might be equipped with and pressing Any Direction + A will make Rush Space dash in that direction so be sure to keep both points in mind.

First, you have to dodge rocks in an asteroid storm. Some enemies will appear after that you have defeat to move on. Then you'll have to dodge some mega huge instant kill laser blasts and finally after that you'll take on the Skull Blazer. Dodge the lasers it shoots, shoot that same spot where the Skull Blazer is shooting the lasers from and dodge some missiles and repeat until this battle's done.

Mega Man then will make his way into the Wily Star where he'll have to face off with the Mega Man Killers & Quint.

Enker is only weak to the Mega Arm so let loose with it. If you have the CL item is that your Mega Arm shots will do additional damage speeding this battle up even quicker. Just dodge his dashes and Mirror Buster shots and this will be over in no time.

Quint's up next and either use the Mega Arm or the Photon Missile and this battle just like the previous one will be over lickety split.

Punk's next and your choice of either the Bubble Bomb or Electric Shock to take care of Mega Man Killer #2. Know when to jump and when to slide and this too will be over quickly.

Ballade's the final Killer and the Mega Arm, Bubble Bombs or Photon Missiles will be the weapons of choice here.

After all of them are defeated is that Zombie Rematch Boss Time is here and you know how to deal with each of the 8 Stardroids so do that and saving the world will be in sight.

Your first of 4 bosses after that is the L. & R. Knuckle which is divided into 2 parts. It'll hover above you and smash down and when it does that'll be your time to attack. The Mega Arm is best but if you're a bit low on energy then using the Grab Buster is a great idea. When its the R. Knuckle's turn is that it will switch it up a bit by making an attempt to grab you after smashing its fist down. You'll know this attack is coming because you'll see its fingers. Slide under this attack or it will grab you and do a decent amount of damage.

After that the Brain Crusher's next. This fight is also a two parter. The 1st phase goes like this. The Brain Crusher will shoot some missiles in the air that soon come down on you which you must dodge. Then an enemy controlling the gravity will try to float you toward the spiked ceiling which doesn't out right kill you but does plenty of damage otherwise. Destroying the enemy will end this phase. Finally the Brain Crusher will shoot out a time bomb. You'll want to shoot this bomb into the Brain Crusher until it explodes. Be sure to not only pay attention to the number on the bomb which lets you know how much time before it explodes but where it lands because if you make contact with the clock it stops this phase and starts it over from the beginning and you don't want that at all. Repeat the cycle a  couple of times this battle will be just a footnote as all the others were.

The Brain Crusher will soon break down and reveal Wily's Saucer and you'll want to pull out the Spark Chaser or use the Mega Arm. Either way be sure to watch out for the ceiling and take care of this part of the fight quickly.

WIth Wily defeated you'd think it'd be time for the credits and Wily's begging for forgiveness right? Not at all. Wily will introduce Sunstar, the Doomsday Weapon and sic this robot god on us and Sunstar is ready to do battle. Your choice of weapon here depends on how you wish to deal with Sunstar. The Mega Arm + CL or the Spark Chaser are great if you want fight him from long range and if you wish to be bit closer then the Electric Shock will be your choice for that type of battle. Just watch out for giant lasers and late in the fight make sure when he jumps in the air to hit him before Sunstar can attack because it means big trouble if he does. This as all the battles before it will be over soon!

Once it is you're treated to an awesome ending and knowing once again that the Blue Bomber has saved not only the Earth but the Universe too!

I love how GBL's come together. What started as a curiosity for me turned into a full playthrough of what could easily be one of the best games in the series. This game was the encapsulation of all the GB games had to offer and it delivers on every front. Put this on the short list with Metroid 2: Return of Samus of games GB games that need a remake of some kind. Mega Man 10 put that hope out there that it was possible for these games to live again and it was a shame what happened to Mega Man Mania though but the games in their current form are available and if you play any one then this is that one! I see myself not only featuring this in the future for #RunDatReXXX but just playing it for my own enjoyment too.

This game from end to end is on point. Plays, looks and sounds wonderful for being a Game Boy game so there's no excuse to get it! $4 on the Nintendo eShop is what one could call highway robbery for that price. Play this game, please! You know I'd never steer you wrong!

This is most of what you'll need to save the Universe but there's some additional hidden stuff like the locations of the Crystals and the other hidden secrets and shortcuts I purposely didn't mention for the simple fact is that I left plenty of clues and those combined with some critical thinking will find you everything you need.

As usual, thanks for kicking it with me for another installment of #GamingBucketList! I LOVE CHECKING GAMES OFF THIS LIST!!! THE GREATEST FEELING EVER!!! I wonder what's next?

I do what I always do and lay the path to the awesome gaming provides! Will you find the courage to walk it?

Until next time!

-Triple Da G.O.D

Monday, July 7, 2014

#TheCool: K.A.R.M.A!

#TheCool as usual ready to do what it does better than anything else...everything! Ready to see last week through my eyes? Of course you are because you wouldn't be here reading this if you didn't.

I have to say Miss Karma has been showing me love all week and it is the reminder that you get out what you put out! So be sure to put something positive in the air and not because of karma but because that makes our world a better place to be. Speaking of making the world a better place...

a new episode of Super Metroid is up now and of course I get to schooling you on some geography and my enemies too like only I can. Stay tuned for another installment sooner than you think!

As usual though #DoaGHThaDOJO is moving that work like no other and there's plenty for you to crack out on. On deck right now...

Chaos Breaker, Guilty Gear Xrd, Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!!, Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Fighting Layer, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code V1.07, Daemon Bride Additional Gain, Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arcade, The Rumble Fish 2 & Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late!

Bring back an old classic under the #SSMG guise with Samurai Shodown V Special. Still one of my favorites and I'm glad I was able to get some to share with everybody. This is one of the reasons you need to be staying tuned because you never know what I'll find in the reaches of the World Wide Web to bring to you!

With Pimpin Time behind us is that This Week In Gaming, this is your show now!

Criminal Girls is coming to MURICA! Let me speak a bit louder so you can hear me...CRIMINAL GIRLS IS COMING TO AMERICA!!! I should be happy for this but lately NISA has not been so kind to keeping content in tact in recent memory and knowing things will be changed doesn't sit well with me at all. I'm still buying it and you should keep it on your radar as well but like I've said before is that I don't see the point in editing stuff for an audience who's never playing said game in the first place. This is why we have the ESRB in place to tell you when you've crossed the line and not your alleged moral obligation to not attract unwanted attention. I wish games took advantage to pushing the M rating and accepting that AO does exist and maybe using it isn't such a bad thing. I'm happy the game's dropping this way but I own the PSP & Vita versions of the game already so if they do too much butchering is at least I'll have an intact product.

Hyrule Warriors is in the spotlight with 3 characters features starring new character Lana who isn't the one from Captain N, Agitha & best Zelda character ever, My Twilight Princess Midna from Twilight Princess! All 3 of these ladies are bringing the ruckus to this game. Very hype for this one!

This week also brought us a look at Sunset Overdrive's mutliplayer component in Chaos Squad. I like the idea of having mutilplayer play a part in the single player campaign the tower defense stuff adds a dimension to it that keeps it from being just another horde mode seen in too many other games already.

Ultimate Ninja Storm's 2nd Dream Match shall be upon us soon and there's a whole lot this game is offering and the trailer does a good job of showing exactly what.

Coming to a Maxi Boost machine near somebody is Gundam Seed X Astray's Prayer Reverie in the Dreadnought Gundam.

SquareEnix put up an interesting & interactive video showcasing the HD from Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX. Awesome stuff.

This week in Persona brings us some character features from Ultimax starring Kanji & Naoto.

Sengoku Basara 4 is getting a special re-release in this Special Package version. Your main concern here is with this package you get a voucher that nets you all 9 DLC costumes, a special theme and the ability to unlock everything from the start which was also DLC. At this point the series is dead anywhere that isn't Japan and it'll stay that way. This is an awesome deal for anybody who's interested in the game and for $45 before shipping at most places online seems to be an easy choice to add this game to your collection.

More Senran Kagura 2: Shinku for you and this trailer is all about introducing the ladies of the games and their tag partner. Enjoy that.

What did I get into this week? I've been playing a lot of random games so that I can set up for future installments of #RunDatReXXX. I'd tell you but I need to keep those under wraps so you can be surprised when things drop.

One game I will cop to is Power Instinct Legends. Treezy & I went heads up in this long set so if you're looking for something to watch then this would fit the bill. If you want more from him then hit him up on YouTube, Twitter & Facebook! We'll be back in the trenches bringing you more of what you need. When we do what it does I'll be sure to let you know.

Sailor Moon Crystal. The wait was well worth it I will say. This needs to be on your radar and we get Ami-chan next episode so you know I'm hype! Also the cast for the new dub of Sailor Moon dropped and here's who we got...

Stephanie Sheh as Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon
Kate Higgins as Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury
Cristina Vee as Rei Hino/Sailor Mars
Amanda C. Miller as Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter
Cherami Leigh as Minako Aino/Sailor Venus
Robbie Daymond as Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask
Michelle Ruff as Luna
Johnny Yong Bosch as Artemis
Danielle Nicole as Naru Osaka
Ben Diskin as Gurio Umino
Tara Platt as Ikuko Tsukino
Keith Silverstein as Kenji Tsukino
Nicolas Roye as Shingo Tsukino
Cindy Robinson as Queen Beryl
Todd Haberkorn as Jadeite
Liam O'Brien as Nephrite
Lucien Dodge as Zoicite
Patrick Seitz as Kunzite

This is an interesting cast. Like I've already said is that Stephanie Sheh as Usagi caught me completely off guard and that isn't to insult her talent in way but I never would've guessed that in a million years. I'm interested in hearing this cast mainly Cristina Vee's Rei & JYB's Artemis. Those 2 sound a certain way in my head and it'll be interesting to see what all of the cast brings to the table. Congrats everyone and good luck!

I got a chance to peep the pilot for The Flash and that show will be delivering the goods this Fall. So much going on in that show and that's a good thing. Can't wait for it to premiere.

The usual suspects did the work with Gaim & True Blood yet again bringing that heat! Bleach & Naruto still doing what they do on the manga front as usual.

Good news is that next week I'll be talking about Ray Donovan because that season premiere is this coming Sunday. Was easily the best TV I watched last year and I know it'll be delivering the goods this season as well.

Time to bring this to a close for now, What I Watched On The Internet you're up!

If you want to see a Smash trailer recreated in WWE 2K14 with CAWs then watch this.

Maffew presents SinCaraMania. It is as it is described.

Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair in this hot ass Yappapi Strap Match Remix song. Yeah, this is real.

Speaking of spitting flows, there's this. No description needed.

Attack on DW. That's Read as in Arthur. You can't stop these mashups!

Giant Bomb celebrates freedom like only they know how, by saving the world from an alien menace and playing a whole bunch of retro games! FREEDOM BITCH!

The Dirtiest Player in the Giant Bomb game Dan Ryckert takes us on a ride through Twisted Metal 2. He seems to be fitting in just fine with the rest of the crew.

It's been a bit more than a year since we lost Ryan Davis so take some time to remember his pure awesome! #ThanksRyan!

That shall be that!

Thanks to Slugbox for this awesome picture of Cheerleader Midna! She's cheering for K.A.R.M.A! Click the picture to see some alternate versions of this picture. NSFW WARNING so be careful clicking it! I warned you so you can't sue me!

Expect more Super Metroid & whatever else I've got up my sleeve whenever. Just stay tuned!

As usual, we thank you for coming to hang out for a little while! We'll be doing this again next week so be sure to join us then!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!