Monday, September 29, 2014

#TheCool: Once Upon a Time We Said a Dandy Goodbye to Fruity Warlords!

#TheCool as usual is ready to do what we do every week and pay our respects to the last the only way we know how!

This week I learned nothing but watched a whole bunch of stuff and I'll be talking about it later so screw a weekly moral for now!

As usual however #DoaGHThaDOJO's always serving up that goodness and on deck right now...

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax, Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes, Guilty Gear Xrd, Koihime Embu, World Heroes Perfect, Chaos Code, Daraku Tenshi, Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code & Daemon Bride Additional Gain!

With that out of the way its time for This Week In Everything! Make it happen like only you can!

As you're reading this Eliza just dropped for Skullgirls and is free on PS3 & Steam right now and for the next 90 days so just get it ASAP while it costs no money! It was downloadable last week on 360 but the link was taken down so be watching for that link when it comes back up.

This week in Persona brings us some tutorials for Ultimax, a character feature starring Margaret, the reminder that P4AU is out and Shinjiro & Yukiko features for Persona Q!

Also since Ultimax is out is for this week only that Tohru & Marie are free on both systems. Click the links below to get both characters for free on both systems while the offer lasts!

Tohru PS3 & Marie PS3/Tohru 360 & Marie 360

Want to watch some Xrd exhibitions from TGS? Maybe you do.

Coming soon to Maxi Boost is Iino Abbav in the Zeta Zaku, Poe Aijee in the Super Sumo & Andrew Waltfeld in the Gaia Gundam!

More Xenoverse? More Xenoverse.

I want to play Yakuza 0 for reasons! TAKE MY IMPORT MONIEZ!!!

Learn the ropes of The Evil Within while I question why it isn't named Psycho Break in MURICA.

Speaking of scary, here's a reminder that Corpse Party: Blood Drive is coming soon!

Coming soon to Hyrule Warriors is Cia via DLC so be excited that the Black Witch is taking over!

The countdown begins to Shinovi Versus in MURICA featuring Yumi & Murakumo! LIFE & HOMETOWN!

What did I get into this week?

Played less Fate/Unlimited Codes & Tekken 2 and a bit more Sunday vs Magazine for whatever reason. Just getting ready for Smash 3DS and such. The week coming should bring a bit more gaming with me taking Eliza for a spin, some Ultimax if I feel like it and who knows what else. You'll find out about it next week.

The postmortems come just as the new stuff comes to replace it.

Gaim lived up to the hype. Could've done without the epilogue episode in trade for an extension of the 2 preceding episodes but the DC & movie will provide what it is I need to be satisfied with a Gaim ending. A must watch!

We also say a dandy goodbye to Space Dandy and that show was bonkers from start to finish and stands up as one of the best anime experiences I've ever had and if you haven't then you should get in on this ASAP!

Ray Donovan! Still the best show on TV! Season 2 killed it and I'm satisfied as a fan and I just want more. The good news is that its almost time for Banshee which is just as wild as Ray Donovan so hyped all around!

TMNT is killing it right now. Weird schedule for the show which is normal for Nick but I'm glad I caught the finale because I love that the show leans to the different incarnations of the franchise which also has be doubly excited for the WayForward game that'll be dropping later this year. So if you haven't been watching the show then it might be a good time to get in on this before Season 3 starts this week alongside Korra Book 4.

Dallas killed it as well. Season 4 is going to be bonkers! Too much stuff spoiler wise happened for me to even talk about but damn as a fan I'm hyped for next season! KNOW THIS!!!

In order to prepare for Season 4 of Once Upon A Time is that I watched Once Upon A Time in Wonderland & Frozen and glad I did both. In Wonderland was a great inclusive story that tied into the main series without needing it as a crutch to stand on. You of course get more out of it being familiar with the main show but I enjoyed watching it and hope we get more spin-offs of the main show.

After watching Frozen is that I get why people like it. I understand why people get hype over Let It Go. It is a good musical and I'm glad I watched it.

Season 4 of Once Upon A Time got straight to the business and it made me glad that I watched Frozen because of how they handle the characters in this space. Things happened the whole episode so I'm hyped for this season so here's hoping it delivers.

The Simpsons Guy lived up to the hype and then some. A great crossover that served the purpose of a crossover and that's all you can ask for.

All the other usual suspects doing what they're doing and ToQger, Girl Meets World, Bleach & Naruto will be joined by their Fall friends and I can't wait for it! SO HYPED!!!

Let us put this to an end why don't we! What I Watched This Week On The Internet!

New episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged!

New episode of Dragon Ball Z Abridged!

The following announcement has been paid for by the kWo!

The following announcement has been paid for by the nWo!

That shall be that!

Thank You Gaim & Space Dandy for awesome viewing experiences that I shall treasure for the years to come!

Also click the picture for more pictures like it by being transported to the pixiv page of the artist!

We'll be back to do this thing again so please join us then!

Same #TheCool time! Same #TheCool channel!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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