Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Skullgirls Started From The Bottom Now We Here Voting

It started just as a quest to finish Squigly. Then the panties started dropping when Big Band became a reality. And now "WE THE PEOPLE," at least those who contributed will now decide the fate of the 3rd DLC character in a vote that may or may not end all votes. At the time of this writing it isn't too late for you to be a part of this vote.

All you need is to donate a McDouble to the IndieGoGo Campaign and you too can be a part of this. At this juncture you might be wondering what are your choices are. Glad you asked. All of the characters available for the vote and their conceptual basis can be viewed HERE and with said information you can make an informed choice about who you want.

A reminder though, just as it says on the page anything you see about a character is subject to change so keep that in mind as well as you choose your champion so to speak.

When it came to me and how I wanted to vote I was a bit stuck because I want to choose cool characters and designs but at the same time I want to choose characters that will make Skullgirls a better game than it is now.

So what started as a reply on NeoGAF turned into this blog post because all my thoughts would be better suited for this medium than that one. Take none of the following as gospel because I know as much as you do at this point wishing I knew a lot more. These are my opinions and you're free to interpret them however you wish to do so.

And reminder, give that buck before the due date so you can vote too. Time to play some Theory Fighter: Skullgirls 3rd DLC Character Edition!!

Umbrella is Umbrella. She is Turn Punch the character turned up to 11. But I don't know if this is the game that she needs to be in or just wait for the sequel where we know she'll turn up. When I first heard of Hungern I was reminded of a reverse Labrys but that may be me just reaching a bit. Like I said though regardless of how it goes down we'll be seeing her real soon.

Marie should just be in the game for the sake thereof. Super toned down version or of herself should cover that. I don't even see why she's in the running from the "She's in the game already" standpoint but from the "It costs money" standpoint I do.

Black Dahlia is another one that runs right down my block. Cable from a distance and some Genjuro rekkas up close. Too nasty. I'd find a way to build a team around her given the gameplay concepts used to describe her. Don't know if she'll make it but she could get my vote early on.


If you didn't know is that Mrs. Victoria and D. Violet are one in the same. Mrs. Victoria is the homage to the many teachers and mentors found in fighters and from what I've seen and read from her concept she'd be more in line Hideo & Kyoko from Rival Schools with some cool stuff thrown in.

D. Violet however takes teacher to Naughtyville as this is her super hero alter ego with a whip and the dominatrix demeanor. Reminds me a lot of Bayonetta and Mistress Spencer from Rumble Roses which are both mentioned in her references.

The reason I put these two together is because a cool thing would be if they could switch between these two. Similar to Ryu and Sakura in the VS series and Kazuya Mishima & Devil in Tekken Tag Tournament. A far fetched suggestion yes but I figured it was worth the mention. I'm torn on who I'd vote for if given the choice but I have a feeling I won't have to.


Annie was a character that was mentioned to me during my earlier indecisiveness phase and after looking her over I could support this and for 2 reasons. The first being that her playstyle could resemble Mito's from The Rumble Fish 2 and the possibility for a Kamen Rider Meteor reference happening would be sick. I could hedge my bets on her possibility taking it all in the vote. How I stand on it is TBD.

If anybody is getting my vote in the early going it would be the SCIENCE SHARK, STANLEY! Excusing the fact that he is a shark that his possibilities for gameplay styles are so awesome how could you not vote for this. +1 STANLEY!! And take the time to watch the video below and let Stanley explain to you how much it costs to put this game together.


Based off what I've read she would be a Painwheel lite with more of a pinpoint on her ability to fly and it being her offensive tool to do things that Painwheel wishes she could with her flight abilities. I could see them on a team together if she makes makes it on the roster. Could be awesome.

Leduc is another character I could see myself backing for the simple fact given what his possible playstyle could be would be great for team building. This is one of those votes that would cover not only cool concept but great for the betterment of the game. When it comes to voting time we'll see where the chips land.

Ileum is a character who I'm not really sure about given the information. All that I can really gather is that she'd be one hell of a zone threat. I'd really need to see her in motion to truly be sold on the idea but it is rather fascinating for the record let me say.

If Brain Drain made it in it would be one hell of an undertaking making his listed possibilities work. Those possibilities seem really cool and if I could be convinced I'd vote for him. 

Also, looking at those concepts remind me of some characters not mentioned in his inspiration. Those being Rugal's original concept for KoF '94 and Onslaught's 1st Form from MvC1 where he can make clones of your characters and such.

From reading Andy's info he reminds me a lot of Chang & Choi from CvS2 even though it wasn't mentioned in his inspirations and given that he's from Peacock's twisted mind some Cracker Jack from Street Fighter EX to take some notes from wouldn't hurt either. I like it. Voting for it is a different story.

I could get behind Feng seeing as she's a lot like Bang in concept. And her other inspirations really sell me on Feng as a fighter. I could see myself playing as her when she comes but voting for it now is a wait and see thing.

If another character on the vote had me at go Taliesin would be another one. I'm just feeling his everything right now and he'd be a welcome edition to the roster ASAP! High risk, high reward it would seem like.

Does this game need more grapplers? Maybe. I'm #TeamCerebella to the death but that doesn't mean I'm not open to another grappler on the roster. Hubrecht is described as a fun loving character a bit over his head and seems to have thing for kind of cosplaying Heart from Arcana Heart. 

Having a character like him would diversify the cast but I don't know if I can vote for this right now.

Regardless, shouts to Donvalve from BattleFantasia & Bravo from Chaos Code who may or may not have had some inspiration for him but I'll mention them both anyway.

I read Regina's stuff and all I thought of was two things when it came to how her strikers would work. It would be very similar to how Zero from KoF 2001 does it and this could've been how Fluttershy would've been in Fighting is Magic.

I too see the Janne from World Heroes in her as well.

Beatrix is one of my I might vote for this at the time of this post. I'm very sold on how she'd play in concept and it seems like it could work without too much fuss. For me at this point she's just like Leduc in that she would work wonders for the game's betterment because of how her gameplay style would allegedly be.

Reading Ottomo's info really sells me on the character seeing as not only would this be super hype but he's technically a shout out to the Arquillians from Men in Black which I didn't see as an character inspiration. I'd could see myself voting for this possibly.

I like a character that can take some inspiration from A.B.A and be a cool character based around that. Not sure I could vote for her right now but the possibility in seeing her in a future game is a real cool prospect.

Yu-Wan is another character I could see myself backing just on the strength of what he could bring to the cast as a playable character right now. Some good rushdown and more cast diversity. He also reminds me a lot of Han from JoJo's as well. Another one who will be a gametime decision on how I vote.

If you're still on the fence then maybe the hard knock tale of Yu-Wan as told by Sarah Williams (Voice of Peacock) may have you full of the feels afterwards or at least dying of laughter. Either or.

Minette could possibility get my vote on OG Hype alone. She was one of the characters pretty early who had a lot of hype surrounding her and who I have a fondness for because of such. They should just make her a part of the cast now regardless of how the vote comes out. I was a bit surprised not to see Coyori from BattleFantasia not play some role in how she might possibly play but if she has anything resembling a rekka chain then I'm so in.

From reading Beowulf's info I could be voting for him. I'm really interested in how he's going to use that steel chair when it all comes down to it. If he has something like King's multi-part throws or he can do a Shining Wizard with the chair then I'd vote for him and not regret the choice. Here's hoping some influence from Ramon and Angel from KoF find their way here as well and if anything he'll have some influence of Exodus from Fighting Layer in there!

I wasn't really sold on Scythana before but after reading her info again I surely am now. Her concept is too much good not to consider.

Special shoutout to Wolf Girl Jo from Ehrgeiz.

Roxie is a character I want to support for a lot reasons. Mainly her design and gameplay style. She gets the double minority vote and on top of that her gameplay seems really cool. Being able to construct weapons during fights will make her really diverse during battle. She's like Heavy Barrel the character in a fighting game. What would make her better is if she had something akin to Phoenix searching for evidence to help in building better machines and a cool way to power it up via a meter of some sort. This may be the reason I vote for her in the end.

Panzerfaust, the other half of the OG Vote Alliance. He was another character had had a lot of hype early on and I'm willing to consider voting for him just like Minette based off this alone. He does bring something cool to the table with how he'd possibly play so if I did use that for consideration it wouldn't be a wasted vote.

Adam & the 2 other soldiers are pretty much Saibamen. I accept this and think it'd be a cool concept. Knowing that he'd differ greatly from those that come before him really makes him a great character to think about conceptually.

Also hearing about his reload mechanics is I'm forced to name drop Anonym from Akatsuki Blitzkampf, Petra from Arcana Heart and Sion/Eltnum from Melty Blood/Under Night In-Birth. As of now he's on my long list of considerations for that vote.

If you want to win my vote then design a character that invokes the hell out of my love for one Fiolina Germi. When it does come to Molly two possibilities have be considered for the possible final product. Either she'll be fighting with or without the Graham-O-Tron at all times. For my money without seems better because she can always have the option to board it, summon it or control it during battle. Similar to Fio (MI2/Regulation A) and Marco & Cyber Woo (NGBC). Also the possibility to have passive abilities while not being on point seems really interesting in seeing how it would actually work in game.

I can definitely get behind something new in my fighters and Issac seems to be it. His time travel concept seems really fun but the question seems to be can it have practical application in battle? In the meantime the below video has one Mike Z explaining how the concept would work.

As cool as Venus is conceptually I don't know if she should be a playable character right now. Everything about her screams boss way too much and not playable fighter enough at this point in time. Looking at her inspirations I wonder if her size in reality is similar to VS series bosses/Giant Akiha & Dust of Osiris from Melty Blood? Wait and see I guess.

Aeon just like Venus above her is another character who screams boss and not really sure if I can vote for her. Just like Venus, conceptually awesome with her being some kind of Omega Ten Shin Uber Double if I want to describe what I'm reading. Again really liking her conceptually but not sure if I can use one my choices for her though. I'll wait for her to be a hidden boss in the sequel. If nothing else having a mode where you play as her would be great way to add her to the cast and have room for another character not as Ivan Ooze Omega Rugal Sissy as she is.

Evil Samson I guess I could call him. And I like it. He gives off the What-if character vibe and from what I've read could be really awesome. I wonder if he does make it could you select him & Filia on the same team and if you could how would that work? I could reference again Kazuya & Devil from Tekken Tag for how it could best work. This is something I could see myself voting for.

And with that I covered all the characters that will be up on the voting block when it begins. I really enjoyed the chance to do something like this for the simple reason of how much I care about the game and how I choose now can affect how the game will end up in the near future. The reminder once more is if you have $1 and you want to help shape this game then please donate so you can do just that. 

Thanks to everyone who donated and made the crowdfunding project a rousing success! And thanks to all the wonderful folks who are involved with Skullgirls however you are so! Thanks for standing by the game even when it didn't seem like a good idea!


-Triple Da G.O.D

7 Days Later...

Look at us a week later and Day 2 of deliberations have begun and I need to update this a bit seeing how much things have changed. Skullgirls broke the damn bank at the end with $829,829 for the IndieGoGo campaign which is beyond awesome which means "WE THE PEOPLE" shall be rewarded with a whole lot of extras for the game including a 2nd DLC Character Vote after this one is over. So if your favorite doesn't make it this go around they'll have a 2nd chance and the guarantee that Juju will be there to be voted on if they hash it all out. And if they do I so shall weigh in on her as well. If you still wish to give Lab Zero more of your money (You really should do this by the way.) and grab one of the IndieGoGo perks you can do so by sending an e-Mail to operations @ labzerogames .com and let them know what you want and any additional information they may need to get that perk to you.

Also kicking off the voting process is more proposed character mechanics for characters up for the vote including a cleaned up version of Issac's mechanics. I'll add them below to not alter the history of the original post and I'm too lazy to mess with the editing already above.






Hopefully those videos not only help you but me as well make an informed decision about how to best use votes to make a better game even better.

I'll be updating this post as need be for anything additional such as character mechanics videos and how I voted each week because I know the world would love to hear about that.

So to knock this week down I guess I can say I'm extra hyped because on 4/1 3 new Skullgirls characters were announced. Zone-tan and Love & Berry.

You can read all about and even download concepts of Zone-tan from Zone's blog post about it HERE!

Straight from the Mechafetus blog the interview with Love & Berry about being the newest members of the cast also featuring Ravidrath, Alex & Mike Z. You'd find this wonderful interview HERE!

For the record both articles are April Fool jokes but the Zone-tan one is very well done and I gladly show my support for the one that wishes that we all could fap in perfect harmony. All hail BASED ZONE-TAN?...!!!! Like they should really have Zone-tan as a crossover character because she can fill a void in the roster with the proposed playstyle. It may come to be one day. Stranger things have occurred.

I'll see everyone next week for the beginning of Round 2.

Until then please vote wisely and responsibly!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Cool From However Long It's Been Since I've Done This

Cool Shit From The Week That Was is back in 2013 and better than ever! Why I stopped doing it in the first place was just bad decision making on my part but I just need to keep vigilant on this make sure it drops every week like it should. Cool Shit will go back to being a Monday/Tuesday drop depending on news that would happen in that time frame. So with that being said let us get to reporting the news.


Yeah, you read the screaming text. One of animation's best is teaming up with an indie fighting game developer to retool Fighting is Magic's assets so that the game can be released. This is so great and I'm so happy for them. I'll admit when Lauren propositioned them on Twitter I geeked out! I've been a huge fan of her work for years pre-MLP (Hipster Lauren Faust Fan Here) and to have as someone like her say that I enjoy your project so much I'll help you make sure you can share it with the whole world is something you don't see a lot of at all. With this you can go nowhere but up and with the other proposition that Mike Z laid out that they could get their hands on the Skullgirls engine is just as great if they decide to take it which they should as long as it doesn't hamper productivity. It'll be interesting to see where this project goes from here and I'll be watching to see where this goes next! Congratulations!!

Equally as awesome news is that an IndieGoGo campaign has started for Skullgirls so they can get back to making a game that I enjoy playing and continue advocating that you do the same. It would seem that others feel the same and that the campaign's initial goal for getting Miss Squigly fully in the game was funded in the 1st 24 Hours of it and I'm so proud that the community for the game has shown up strong and in numbers to support something as awesome as this. Next up is Big Band to get in and once he's in you can have a gender diversified roster and stop harping on that it isn't such. If you want to know more then please watch the trailer above and VISIT THE INDIEGOGO PAGE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT WHY THIS IS NEEDED AND TO HELP KEEP SKULLGIRLS GROWING!!!

In other news Sony announced something called a PlayStation 4. It's a high end PC that will play Watch_Dogs and has no backward compatibility at this time. Also we don't even know what it looks like yet. Something to look forward to when E3 rolls around. And the most important thing...HOLIDAY 2013! Nice, Slick Black Friday just got a whole lot more interesting!

So with those items out of the way let us get to meat of these things...TRAILERS!!! And lots of them. And I know just where to start...

Every video from the 1st round of the Injustice Battle Arena for Injustice: Gods Among Us. The Battle Arena works as the follows. Every week 2 match-ups are presented and you go HERE to vote for who you think should win. And the 1st round has had some nice matchups and some new character reveals as well such as Bane, Aquaman, Lex Luthor, Shazam! and in just the final set 1st round matchups with Sinestro & Hawkgirl! Injustice is shaping up to be awesome and with last DC Comics fighter being Justice League Task Force we're well overdue for some fisticuffs! So enjoy the matchups.

Batman vs. Bane

Wonder Woman vs. Harley Quinn

The Joker vs. Lex Luthor

The Flash vs. Shazam!

Aquaman vs. Cyborg

Green Lantern vs. Solomon Grundy

Superman vs. Sinestro

Green Arrow vs. Hawkgirl

As you can see Injustice is shaping up to be a fighter to be reckoned with. NetherRealm has another hit on their hands with this one and with the lessons learned from MK9 that this game will nothing short of glorious!

And with our foot deep in the world of comics I see no reason to dip the other into some manga action. The newest trailer for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle dropped and its looking better and better every time I see it. I'm not going to say much of anything here. The trailer does that all on its own. Better news however is a date for this All-Star Battle...August 29th. No release date for the US or Europe announced or even if it will come out in either territory. So you might need to prepare those import bucks if you want a part in this fight!

From cool to cool we have the latest look at Watch_Dogs that was first shown at the PlayStation Meeting. The video is from the PC version so how this looks on PS4 is a mystery that will need to be solved at a later date.

Speaking of dates, Remember Me has one...June 4th! And while you wait a new trailer will keep you occupied. Learn a bit more about Nilin and some of the why's about the real of the situation. So excited for this one.

You want exciting...how about Oboro Muramasa AKA Muramasa: The Demon Blade coming soon to PS Vita. I need not say much because the game can do that all on its lonesome. Better news, you don't have to import it because the game is coming stateside but when this game comes out period is an known unknown.

Guess what aint dead? DRAGON'S CROWN!!! After hearing nothing for a nice minute a trailer finally surfaced and still looking good as ever. Still coming to DAT TRIPLE & DAT LIVE but when is also an known unknown.

With the way this works I may never get another shot to break things down like this so I want to take the time to highlight some games I'm really excited for which would've gotten coverage if I was writing this damn article with any consistency.

The best to start I'd wager would be Suda 51's new joint...Killer Is Dead! Anything Goichi Suda has his hand in I've already bought however Killer is Dead seems to be something to be seen and this game should be out before the summer so I'll be waiting until it comes.

A Nintendo Direct from a month ago brought us a new look at The Wonderful 101 from Kamiya-san and Platinum! I don't have a WiiU but when this drops I will! The game just resonates with me and I just want to get my hands on it ASAP!

Next up...Kamen Rider Battride War. Kamen Rider fans have been wanting this for years and now you've got it. A bit of Kamen Rider in the Musou juice and did I mention Motorcycles. Yeah, motorcycles. The last time this menagarie of ideas happened we got Super Sentai Battle Ranger Cross which was mash up of Musou elements and Dice-O to boot. We'll be seeing this sometime in May so I have my money ready!

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. This is happening. For real real. Not play play. Peramdeath just got a whole lot more real. Not the hugest fan of either franchise but it goes to show me that the crossover hasn't quite lost the swag yet. Should be interesting.

Earth Defense Force 4 is coming out here as EDF 2025. I guess 8 years ago we didn't get the job done but better late than never to clean up Earth's bug problem with more guns than a lil bit I suppose.

I'm excited for all these awesome prospects coming soon on something you game on. However, what about what's already out there for you to get your game on with?

I like DmC: Devil May Cry to start with. Game is nothing but awesome. Sometimes change can be refreshing and DmC is just that. A great twist on the familiar and a must play in my view. The above is the first video from my playthrough and I'm having quite a nice time working through it. So cop it for yourself and tune in to #RunDatReXXX for that and so much more!

More of that helping hands around game development. Kojima Productions X Platinium Games...METAL GEAR RISING REVENGEANCE! No more needs to be said. Game is just all too sick and you'll be back for more than one go around so the game helps you there. REVENGE DAT SHIT, RAIDEN!!!

How about Ninja Gaiden Σ2+. Everything that Σ2 allegedly did wrong and right with some upgrades now on the go for Vita. Have no clue is SixAxis Titty Shake is available here. Let us hope so. And in the US version, it bleeds the blood! Not NG2 gore but it isn't purple smoke. Be thankful.

Need the feel of an old adventure game with some additions for the modern day? Ron Gilbert's The Cave should be on your radar. 7 wish to take the journey. Who do you choose?

Lamenting that the Wallace DLC for Scott Pligrim will never drop? Well do I have something for you...Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds. It'll scratch that itch for what you desire. Trust me. I needn't say another thing.

Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. No reason not for you to own this one. Vita is region free. It represents Life & Hometown or Tits & Ass. Either or, buy it!

And now that you know what's out there I'll take this time to highlight what's going on with fighting games at the moment.

The big news for me personally this week is Shin Koihime Musou is getting a PC release. I'm surprised it took this long to drop but better late than never so I'll be all over this and anything you need to I'll have it for you.

Arcana Heart 3 LOVE MAX!!!!! is coming soon to NESiCA X Live and of course #DoaGHThaDOJO will have all the latest match vids for the game upon release. And just so you know that this is a different beast with some new additions and balance changes for all the Maidens & Arcanas so be ready for a fight.

While I was not writing this weekly blog post the most awesome thing happened...CHAOS CODE DROPPED ON PSN!!!...in Hong Kong. And now all the extra stuff added to it is coming to NESiCA X Live in an upgrade called NEw SIgn of CAtastrophe! No word on when it will be coming to the service but I'll be the first to let you know.

Remember Phantom Breaker. Came out in Japan. In current publisher hell in the US. In the midst of that an updated version subtitled Another Code is coming to arcades soon. I'm not really sure what's going on under the hood when it comes to the game and any balance that I would suspect that's happening. When that information surfaces I will let you know.

Dead or Alive 5 V1.03A. PS3 users have had this update for a couple of weeks but due to some issues that 360 users were left out in the cold with this one until a couple of days ago. The major points to the 1.03 update were some balance changes and a new stage with memories of nude patches with the Zack Island stage being added. Because of the delay on the 360 version the Fighters DLC pack is 80 MS Points until the end of May so plenty of time to jump on that. And if you want to know in detail the about V1.03 then CLICK HERE!

While we speak on DoA let me remind you that 5+ is scheduled for the Vita for March 19th. So if you have the PS3 and are purchasing the Vita version there will be some exclusive stuff you can do with both version with DLC and such. Seems cool.

While not doing my duty to keep up with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale something magical happened...KAT FINALLY DROPPED AS DLC!! HAPPY DAYS! Emmett there's as well but I could care less. Kat is as awesome here as she was in Gravity Rush. GO PLAY DAT SHIT!!! Copping her and Emmett is free for now but not for very long so please pick it up at your earliest convenience. And something about next up being Zeus from God of War & Issac Clarke from Dead Space or something like that. Should be interesting.

With all those trailers out the way of course it's time for what's on TV that I actually care about watching. Since the last blog shows have come and gone but since this is a catch up joint I'll just tell you about it and I'll get back to the normal flow next week.

On the Toku side of things Go-Busters came to an end and a spectacular end at that. I did feel it was a bit anti-climatic in spots but I enjoyed the show overall and I'll be watching it for fun again in the future. And as Go-Busters said goodbye Kyoryuger came to fill the hole left and so far is doing just that. I will learn the Henshin for the show before the show ends. And that should tell you everything you need to know about the series. A real lighthearted but serious in spots Sentai. Will be a pleasure to watch it develop over the year. Wizard is still doing work and has introduced the 2nd rider Kosuke Nitou AKA Kamen Rider Beast. His whole thing is a fascination for Mayonnaise and that he needs to feed on the Phantoms he destroys lest the same happens to him. Loving every minute of it and will continue to do so. Power Rangers Samurai ended just like Shikenger did except for a couple of small concessions for the story and the anniversary show Megaforce is now here and after a couple of rough episodes I'm down with the premise. A shame we won't get any type of Gokaiger adaptation but I honestly don't think they could've predated it if they tried. Gokaiger is a love letter to Sentai fans and it just wouldn't translate to Power Rangers at all in my honest opinion. Megaforce will just have to hold it down until the adaptation of Go-Busters come which should give them a whole lot to work with.

When it comes to the cartoon/anime side of the ball I'm in a weird spot. Young Justice & Green Lantern seem to be going bye bye and I've accepted this fact. All I ask for is some closure. Give me that and I'll be a bit more receptive of Beware the Batman & Teen Titans Go even though the latter will do nothing with the awesome of the old series which has plenty of more story to tell. Season 3 of Transformers Prime soon comes and now Megatron creates Pokemon or something like that. Beast Hunters from what I hear may be the last season of Prime before they do something else with the franchise so it should be interesting to see how they wrap it all up. Watch JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. All I can say. Very faithful to the story of manga so far so should be something on your list to watch if you haven't. And Season 2 of Legend of Korra comes even though they've painted themselves in a real corner story-wise with Korra being a full fledged avatar and such. I want to really see how they handle this if they do at all. And Twilight Sparkle became a princess and it wasn't as bad as it was made out to be but the spinoff is going to kill the franchise oh God a run on sentence about MLP! It will be like a car accident and I will watch every second in slow motion. In other words, I'll give it a chance.

And my dramas I love so much is that Common Law got axed. A shame. Burn Notice ended very weirdly with no explanation about the why but we'll get answers this summer. Watch Arrow. Damn good show to tune in to watch every week. House of Lies should be on that same list for the just because of the just because. The Vampire Diaries has made that turn back into a show to watch because of all the crazy going on that way. Banshee is just true crack. Point blank period! Get caught up on that if you haven't. Dallas is going in and it'll be sad to watch one of TV's best anything in J.R. Ewing goes out however that happens. R.I.P. Larry Hagman! And at the end of the month GAME OF THRONES is back!! So hype for that as well.

Before I sign off I just remember that the internet's greatest question was answered...with math computations. The result made sense but I wanted to suspend more disbelief on that one however. So now the question need not be asked again! It'll be asked again and forever debated so let it continue to rage!

With all that being said thanks for reading and it feels good to be back in the flow of getting my blog on and what not. Don't forget to tune into the #StreetsofRageTrilogyProject because J & I are straight clowning while educating the masses so just sit back and just enjoy us doing what we do best. #YOUTUBETERRORISM in full effect.

And on a more serious wave I'm on the solo grind with the #DoaGH Presents the #OpusofDarkstalkers because knowing your history is important and I'm the only one who'll bring it to you proper and make sure the story gets told the way it needs to be. So make sure to tune in, get right and get ready for Darkstalkers Resurrection next week because the series needs us the fans to stand up for it and this is me just doing my part in that fight.

Thanks again and I'll see you next week for a more proper #CoolShitFromTheWeekThatWas!

-Triple Da G.O.D.