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#ThrowbackTheatre Presents...Triple Da G.O.D's Love Letter to Capcom Fighting All Stars

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I was in a "type your thoughts out" mood so I figured a love letter to Capcom Fighting All-Stars was in order.

For those unfamiliar, back in 2003 this game was announced and people weren't feeling it too much. The main source of the stigma came from the way people felt at the time about the EX series and people thinking Arika was behind the game's development which wasn't true by the way. And at the time Capcom was having a lot of other issues dealing with money stemming from the Capcom 5 not doing well and some other games just under performing which left Capcom in a bit of bind as it were. Decisions were made. Some I don't personally agree with but decisions nonetheless. For these reasons it never left the beta test stage and was canceled soon after that. For the record let it be stated I'm a huge fan of EX just on the fact that I appreciate it on merit and nothing else. SF4 takes a lot of cues from the EX Series, like it or not. But you at least owe it to yourself to experience it on a clean slate before damning it. Ironic thing about it is that what people despised EX for are widely accepted gameplay mechanics now. See what nearsightedness gets you. If people would've thought outside the box and gave the game a chance to be better who knows where we'd be in this conversation.

But back to the subject. CFAS took a lot of bold steps to make a great fighting game. This game used all 3 Dimensions by letting you sidestep just like in Star Gladiator/Plasma Sword. You could also roll in either direction (called the Wrap Around here and in CFJ/E) just like what you could do in C-Groove in CvS2. And it also had a tiered lifebar system similar to Vampire Savior with a hint of KoF's Advantage system thrown into the mix. Which broke down to when you lose a life bar gain a level of super meter in trade.

Another addition was the Finish Blow. The Finish Blow was kind of like a Fatality but a lot less gory. A couple of examples we do know about are Ryu's Kaze no Kabushi. You might know it better as the Fist of Wind from the Ryu Final Manga. Strider had a version of Ragnarok. Charlie did some upgraded version of the Sonic Break. And Batsu did a combo with some punches, a Guts Upper and a powerful straight to end it. With examples like these who knows how the cool the rest of the Finish Blows could've looked.

The story of CFAS went something like this. Some bombs have been planted in Metro City and either somebody disarms them within 12 hours or lots of people will die. So some of Capcom's finest like Ryu, Chun-Li, Alex, Charlie/Nash, Strider Hiryu, Batsu, Akira and representing their home turf are Mayor Mike Haggar and Poison.

And in the midst of the chaos in Metro City, the government also sends 3 agents to investigate the matter.

The "Eternal Ray" Ingrid
Code: Isis

We all know her. The only thing other than some of the battle system that survived the CFAS fallout. From the videos I've seen she functions in this game just as she does in CFJ/E and SFA3:MAX/Double Upper albeit some cosmetic changes to her Sunshot and Sunburst moves.

The "Rebellion Fighter" Rook
Code: Fallen Angel

From what I've seen and read Rook favors kicks to punches. Out of the 3 of them he seems like the cool slacker of the group.

The "Crimson Thunder" D.D
Code: Ogre

I guess I'll just say it for the record. Once you see on footage of D.D you'll see the EWGF all over his face. A nice little joke for those who understand. D.D seems like the character in the game I might main. He looks real solid and can do damage from what I've seen.

Now according to Wikipedia there was a 4th character named Death. I'm guessing that this guy is behind the attack on Metro City. But we don't really know the answer to that question, now do we? But after it was all said and done Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution was born from this. Whether that was a good or bad thing is left to your judgment.

With the success of MM9 and SF4 and with Capcom taking more hints from the fans, I don't see the reason why not to pick this back up. This is a lot easier to manage than a legal nightmare like TvC. A lot of justice could be done in the SF4 engine with this one. Capcom hasn't done a lot of fighters that deal in all 3 dimensions of movement and if all else fails they can hand this off to Namco or Sega to build the engine or if they wanna keep it 2-D they can hit up ArcSys or Dimps to take care of the formalities. A Capcom Crossover game using the BlazBlue or Rumble Fish system would be magnificent. And with all the fans putting their bids in for their Power Stone and Darkstalkers, then why not me to lead the charge for this game. I was so excited for this when I first heard about this game and was real heated when it got canceled and with SF4 still hot, this would be the perfect time to get something like this started.

So with that I'll peace out for now.

But I might make this a thing of mine.

You never know.

Oh yeah, before I go I'll leave you 3 presents.

Present 1 is are the TGS Trailer and the Famitsu PV for CFAS so you can get a look at the game from a different lens.

Present 2 is 8 minutes of great footage from the game as well brought to you by tobemorecrazy.

Gives you a nice look of what was and could be as well.

I'm gone for real this time.

Holla at ya boy!!!

P.S: Love you, Ma!!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

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