Saturday, June 30, 2012

Run Dat ReXXX!!! Super Mario Bros. Part 3: WE ARE WINNER!!! I AM SUCCESS...

World 3, the proving ground. I set a goal at the end of Part 2 on seeing if I could do the 1UP trick without losing my Fire Power? Was I a success or was it a complete failure. Tune in and find out.

-Triple Da God

Sengoku Basara HD Collection Presents...Here's All The Characters You Won't Be Playing As Because You Gotta Import Dis Shit!!!

Where do I start. Do I inform you or just go straight to the part where I spaz out because I have to give AmiAmi my money to get this on my PS3? Information first it is then.

What you really need to know about the collection is that it's a HD job to Sengoku Basara 1, 2 and 2 Heroes. Not sure if it will include Devil Kings elements to it or not. The only problem I have with this collection is the glaring admission of X from the collection. That was the game that convinced me to give the series a chance and it is a shame it isn't here. Maybe it is an issue between Arc System Works and Capcom? Or some other mysterious force. Or maybe Capcom doesn't think it fits into the collection. Sengoku Basara X for the record is a fun, awesome and super broken fighter that follows right into its spiritual prequel in Hokuto no Ken. Capcom has had a couple of opportunities to re-release the game in some fashion and it never happened. Maybe with this collection we'll get something soon. Maybe.

Now here's the fun part. Why do I have to give AmiAmi my money? Because Capcom USA mishandled the series technically twice. The added elements of Devil Kings overall made the series better as a whole but the trying to fake spin it off of Devil May Cry and ignoring the historical elements was an ultimate backfire which lead to not seeing 2 or 2 Heroes on these shores. And the treatment of Samurai Heroes was just as bad if not worse. Capcom USA tried and that I'll give them that but they didn't show the series the love it deserved and it ultimately bombed because not enough people even knew the game existed. Hell, the 2nd season of the anime came out the same day and there was no cross promotion efforts in the slightest. And as they say, "You get in what you put in" and that was the point when Sengoku Basara died in the West. So now as a SB fan in the US you're left with a choice. Do you continue to support the series in what ever capacity that you can or do you just give up on it like Capcom USA did? I've made my choice and the same choice befalls you. We'll see what you ultimately do.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Oniken Presents...It's An 8-Bit Orgy of Blood, Action & Love!!

I just discovered this game like 20 minutes ago and shit is it #FUCKAWESOME!!!! It's like Shinobi, Strider, Mega Man and Fist of the North Star had an orgy and this was the sexy remains of the depraved sex act in question.

I said all the previous with nothing but love for what all those games and FotNS have done for the world.

Oniken is your standard 8-Bit fare of killing & platforming through 6 stages with a slew of big nasty bosses to take down.

JoyMasher has produced nothing short of some gaming crack and for the $5 entry fee and seeing that this can be played on even my crap ass PC means that this isn't one you should skip.

So put down 5 McDoubles and receive this wonderful gift that was crafted with love for all things #FUCKAWESOME!!!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Notes to You
You can download the demo & BUY ONIKEN HERE!:
Oniken's Official Website:
Check out the official website of JoyMasher:

E.X. Troopers Presents...Lost Planet: The Animation Coming Soon Extended Cut

I gotta start off by saying that I was blown away at the 1st trailer of E.X. Troopers and how slick it looks. I know I've drove the Lost Planet joke into the center of the Earth but it's hard not to see the similarities to that title. From how it looks it does also seem to borrow heavy from another Capcom title in Monster Hunter with the game's structure in how you go about your business. But I guess a champloo of Capcom's greatest hits in a cel-shaded package sounds great on paper and looks as awesome to gawk at so far. No word on a release date quite yet but you'll be in the snow soon doing all that killing on the Nintendo 3DS and the Playstation 3.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Note to self: Play Crimson Tears. Awesome game.

Run Dat ReXXX!!! Super Mario Bros. Part 2: That's How We Do Thangs Round My Way

This episode of Run Dat ReXXX!!! is all about World 2 and the awesome family lingo that comes from it. I gotta admit there's a small part of me that hopes that Princess Toadstool isn't in another castle. Maybe that part of me will get that wish granted in the next episode. I highly doubt it but I'll see if I can do the 1UP trick without totally failing.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Just So You Know: Super Mario Bros. Lingo

Big - Super Mushroom
Fire Power - Fire Flower
Extra Man - 1UP
Flying Fish - Cheep-Cheep
King Koopa - Bowser

Friday, June 29, 2012

Code of Princess Presents...Guardian Heroes + Tits = THIS RIGHT HERE!!!

I for one am super stoked that Atlus took a chance on this and are bringing it to the states this Fall. I honestly thought that this would stay on my list with both Senran Kagura games and Project X Zone as games that I ultimately have to break down and get a JP 3DS XL to enjoy. Region Locking can straight die in the 666th layer of hell. However, what's so special about Code of Princess that you can take to the bank that this is Guardian Heroes 2 because HAN and Misaki Ukyo are both a major part of the development of Code of Princess. And if you don't know who either one of those people are then don't fret. Just know they're mostly responsible for the awesomeness of the original Guardian Heroes so have a bit of faith with that knowledge in tow. And with Kinu Nishimura on the visuals, that pretty much confirms that the visuals will be nothing short of beautiful to look at. Don't believe me on the subject then take a look at Street Fighter 3: New Generation & 2nd Impact and both of the Dungeons & Dragons by Capcom. Tower of Doom and Shadow Over Mystara are some great examples of her great visual work which seems to be just as if not better than those. From what I've seen from various gameplay vids is that the spirit of Guardian Heroes is front and center with some twists on the classic formula to keep it updated and fresh for everyone to enjoy. So be sure to keep the release of this game in the states on your radar. And if you can't then I'll be glad to lend a hand. Can't wait.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Persona 4 The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena Presents...Charlie Tunoku Must Die

This is the new story trailer for P4U. It's in Japanese so there's not a lot of important information to garner from it other than the link it has to P4 and that all the characters have an episode in the game's story mode. Atlus will make sure we get some kind of equivalent of this trailer soon. Until then, watch the pretty pictures and blinking lights.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dead or Alive 5: Introducing Rig, Returning Bass and Delicious Christie

Rig is looking good regardless of what I think of his name. Finally great to see TKD being repped in DoA. Because this is DoA, expect it to be a mostly accurate portrayal of the fighting style. When I do think about it there aren't many TKD practitioners anyhow. You have Baek Doo San & Hworang from Tekken. Kinda sorta Hwang Seong-gyeong & Hong Yun-Seong from Soul Calibur. Kou Leifou from The Bouncer. It was supposed to be Ehrgeiz 2 by the by. Jhun Hoon, Chae Lim, Kim & May Lee Jinju from The King of Fighters. The sexy and deadly Juri Han from Street Fighter. Han Daehan from Ehrgeiz. Sarah Bryant from Virtua Fighter dabbles in it a bit. Vergard from Kakuto Chojin. And to complete my random humongous name drop is Hong Gilson from Fighting Layer. From these names, Rig is in some good company if you ask me. I'll be keeping an eye on him. Note: Will not drop Hitomi for him no matter how cool he looks and plays.

Christie is also in the trailer rocking a very short and sultry black dress. It really seems that only her, Helena and Lei Fang can really rock dresses in this series. Not that the rest of the girls can't it's just that Lei Fang has "DAT DRESS", you expect Helena to hold her own in the category and Christie just looks good in anything you put on her. And let us not forget Tina's overprotective father Bass Armstrong is back and he looks like he has been on the Atkins. I'm just happy he isn't looking like Big Boy after that surgery. Bass will never be as Godlike as he was in DoA 3 but he's been holding himself down since ++ and hasn't slowed down a bit. I don't expect anything less from one of the best big men in 3D Fighters. Shouts to BIG SEXXXY THE GIANT KILLER KEVIN NASH AKA SUPA SHREDDA!!!!

Game is still looking good other than the 4-Point Counter System (What I'm lazy and 3 was #FUCKAWESOME with that and Miss Hitomi!!!) and they just announced the Collector's Edition which looks be one if you're a DoA fan should be an easy choice to pick up. I'm about to pop off World 2 on SMB for Run Dat ReXXX!!! and that'll be up later today. Stay cool in this wild ass heat. Don't die on a nigga yet!!!

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Run Dat ReXXX!!! Super Mario Bros. Part 1: The Takeover Will Be Televised!!!

I'm so glad I chose Super Mario Bros. for the first game that I officially do in a Let's Play/Talkthrough with. This game means so much to me and I'll be sharing all those memories to come in future segments. Until then, enjoy.

-Triple Da G.O.D!

Diary of a Game Whore Birthday Edition Presents Mario Kart Arcade GP2 (M...

First post on the blog had to be a banger. So it's my pleasure to bring to you Mario Kart Arcade GP2 on the Nintendo Wii. Maybe one day I'll change my stance on sharing that info. But Google Dat Shit Down in the meanwhile. Run Dat ReXXX later today.

-Triple Da G.O.D!